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What they didn't want you to see on Riot!

Vincent Valmont

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Earlier OCWFED.COM received a video that took place on Riot earlier today. It remains anonymous as to who sent in the video, but OCW is looking into it. For right now here's what occurred backstage, and not live on Riot.


Video starts to play...


Camera footage slowly fade out of static, and into the backstage area. As a extra man backstage apart of the camera crew who was walking back to the camera van outside overhears arguing that can be heard from way down the hall. He slowly walks with his camera on his shoulder as he shoots footage. He continues walking down the hallway until he gets closer, and the arguing gets louder. He turns the first right corner, and walks directly towards the parking lot.


The unknown camera man spots an individual arguing with three security guards. All three of the guards are fairly huge, as if they should be professional wrestlers themselves. As the camera man gets closer as he's doing his best not to get noticed as he continues to film. He continues getting close enough to see that the individual who's arguing with the guards is none other than Vincent Valmont. The camera man notices who it is, and decides to get close enough to be able to catch the audio of the conversation that seems to be making Valmont furious.

Security Guard#1: "Like my friend here just said... you, and the OCW champion is banned from this building tonight. We are told not to allow you nowhere within 100 yards from inside the perimeters. So I suggest you just go back to your limo, and tell your friend, Aries also that you just wasted your time."


Valmont: "You guys are pathetic, it's a waste of good money that you all get on your small paychecks. What I suggest is that you either let me and Aries inside this building, or we will take matters into our own hands."


Security Guard#2: "Two men against a whole security force ... Haha, not a chance. Plus, if you keep pursuing this issue, we will inform the police, and then you'll be their mess to deal with for the evening."


Security Guard#3: "Your ban is only for tonight. For your actions at the Pay Per View. However, the Riot match card was already announced, so therefore Ryder, and Trance will have no choice, but to accept that they're going to be competing tonight, alone. Mr. Creed has given strict orders to isolate you and prevent any extreme antics from being displayed on the first Riot following the Pay Per View."


Security Guard#1: "Just accept this ban, and leave now."


Valmont paces back, and forth. He smirks for a moment, and claps his hands as if he's amazed by the security guards. He folds his arms across, and stops pacing.


Valmont: "Only for one night? Why not every night? Because quite frankly you can tell your boss... not mine, that we don't play to any rules. We create the game as we see fit, and as we play along to it, everyone else in this company, yourself included, are just sorry excuses for playing this game that Apex is putting this company through. We are above anything ever created, and done in this company. You three a**holes are talking to a future hall of famer, if I've got to force my way into this building at all costs... I will"


Valmont starts walking away as his smirk quickly fades away as you can visibly see the anger in his face. He turns away, and starts walking. He stops half way between the entrance, and the limo. He walks back towards the security guards.


Valmont: "Oh yeah... one more thing, fellas. You can tell your boss that he can isolate the two of us, but you've got two more Apex members, Champions I might add, that will do all the talking in the ring, in their matches, something that he doesn't allow myself and Aries the chance to do. I suggest he, and all of OCW worries about next week, when this 'ban' is lifted on us, and we all show everyone that we are not to be taken lightly, if at all we should be feared. This company will be ours... next week it'll be delivered!"


Valmont walks away from the security guards as one of them tires to say something, but Valmont already is too far away. He enters his limo, and closes the door. The limo sits for a moment before slowly driving off. The security guards start to walk away as they watch the limo drive off. The camera man starts walking backwards towards the direction to the camera van when he stumbles backwards as the security guards notice the camera man. They begin to run towards him to secure the tape before it airs in the camera van on Riot. As orders by Sensation to ban anything Apex related with Vincent Valmont, and the OCW champion, Aries. The camera feed statics back out as the last view was of one of the security men grabbing the camera.

OCW's 2008's Most Improved Wrestler

2x OCW Heavyweight Champion

2x OCW Hardcore Champion

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