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RISEonline.com Interview with Kenji Matsumoto "RADIANT" Pink Spider


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{After a tremendous Ladder Match at LIMIT BREAK, a popular Pay Per View event in the National Japanese Wrestling Association (NJWA), featuring The Radiant Pink Spider, Kenji Matsumoto, and Black Tengu, Toshiya Kuriyama, after winning the match Kenji proceeds to the backstage where he is set to make a special announcement video for RISE Puroresu Magazine's Website RISEonline.com. The announcement is being made via an interview with reporter Hitsuo Takeshi, the interview has been dubbed for american fans}


.:Kenji Matsumoto walks through the curtains leading to the backstage, removing his mask once he is out of the crowds sight, he quickly makes his way to Hitsuo Takeshi, visibly tired, upon seeing Hitsuo he slicks his hair back and flashes a smile:.


TAKESHI: Hello Matsumoto-san, congratulations on your victory tonight.


MATSUMOTO: Thank-you so much Takeshi-san, looking sharp by the way.


TAKESHI: Well thank-you, but you all know why we're here Matsumoto-san, what's the big announcement?


MATSUMOTO: Before I start I want to thank Black Tengu for one of the greatest matches of my career, NJWA for all the opportunities its given me to explode into stardom in the professional wrestling scene, and my mentor Kyo "The Tarantula" Mishima, who really brought me into the business and teaching me all the ropes...


TAKESHI: The anticipation is killing us Matsumoto-san, what's the news?


MATSUMOTO: (sighs) This is hard for me to say... but I feel I've accomplished everything I can in NJWA, from being NJWA Junior Champion, NJWA Junior Tag Team Champion, NJWA Crown Tag Team Champion, and NJWA Undisputed Champion, and even earning RISE Puroresu Match of the Year last year. So I have decided to leave NJWA and take my talents to the United States.


TAKESHI: (gasps) This is so sudden Matsumoto, please excuse my reaction, but was the decision affected in any way by Hide Matsuda's move to the States?


MATSUMOTO: HA, as if my decision would be affected by that pitiful excuse of a wrestler. However the prospect of properly putting an end to my feud with that nakagainin(jobber).


TAKESHI: For our American Fans, Matusmoto is referring to his year long feud with Hide Matsuda over who would become the heir to Kyo "The Tarantula" Mishima's title of Tarantula, both of them being his most talented students. Although their final match at NJWA's flagship Pay Per View ULTIMATE CIRCUS ended in a No Contest. Which, after being restarted twice, Kyo Mishima himself would come out, retiring the title of "Tarantula" to force his students to end the feud.


MATSUMOTO: Well said Takeshi-san, now if you'll excuse me I'm very tired and need to pack for my flight. (looks to the camera and strikes a boxing pose, says in Broken English) I am Radiant Pinku Spida, get ready America.

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ah man, somebody to finally take care of that violent mist spitter lol


good stuff, looking forward to more content from you

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