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  1. This Dennis meme needs to die.
  2. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/3/36/Mother_harlot.PNG/revision/latest?cb=20120426212736
  3. http://new3.fjcdn.com/comments/Burn+tumblr+burn+it+to+the+ground+_16a81795e736f3ae7f4e84fbe29889e5.jpg I WILL TAKE EVERYTHING AND BURN IT TO THE GROUND
  4. He says in the thread for the show where he confesses his love for me.
  5. It's like looking into a sad mirror. I'm sorry Majin.
  6. Having sufficiently tested the waters, I have decided Matsuda is coming to turmoil exclusively. I want to add the TV title to the fold.
  7. He is Indian, this is just a racist company that saddled him with a Arab gimmick, obviously. Don't ever question Matsuda lore, I know where he went to high school!
  8. WRESTLER NAME: Prince Ali Ibn Singh HOMETOWN: Beruit, Lebanon HEIGHT: 195.58cm WEIGHT: 108.862kg THEME SONG: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwTQzIYPvK_VR18wcWN2TFEzZkU/view?usp=sharing SIGNATURE MOVES(S) TBA FINISHERS(S) TBA Biography: TBA
  9. Not going to try to cut up a quote because I'm on my phone, but this is to Ed. I've really got nothing against Joe, like I said I'm coming into this show with just about 0 knowledge on almost everyone involved here. So without bias, having not spoken to you guys or heard any plans and based solely on his match and short promo this week, I had assumed he was an alt. Like I said in my review, his caw doesn't look bad, it's just very plain. Well made but doesn't stand out. I'm glad I apparently lot a fire under him, but it's like I told Jay, if you don't have much character, you better be winning like a young Cody Storm. If you've got neither, then it becomes hard to come back every week. I also agree with you on the Kass Malu match. That's a very Nate thing to do :P
  10. I know you guys are new, but usually after someone writes a five page essay picking at people, this is the part of the threat where you pick out your parts and argue with me. It's how you get discussion you see. I mean I know I'm right, but I'm not God. Feel free to share your opinions. You don't get better in a circle jerk.
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