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A Legend In The Making

Alex Legend

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The scene opens in a dimly light room the television is on and there is chatter in the backround. The camera pans to the left of the room where we see Alex Legend behind his bar making himself and his wife Jessica Legend a drink. It is Saturday February 5th 2011 its raining and its cold outside but the heat of discussion is inside. Newly signed to OCW Alex Legend is looking to start his wrestling career he doesn’t know where this road is going to take him but he is just happy to be apart of it.


Alex: Got the call today Jessica….


Jessica: From OCW?


Alex: Yea I got hired but I am not gonna be home a lot. Got to travel a lot do a lot of house shows before I can do anything but I am willing to make that sacrifice if your willing to endure me not being here.


Jessica: Of course your dreams are my dreams and you do what you have to do I will even be willing to travel with you.


Alex: This is our turn around baby this is where our dreams will become reality. I feel sorry for any son of a bitch that gets in my way. I am here to make money and win championships and of course entertain the fans. Those three things are the only things that drive me to go forth in my wrestling career. This is my first gig and best believe I will not mess this up.


Alex gets from behind the bar and takes a sit next to Jessica he takes a drink of his Whisky. He looks at his wife and smiles.

Alex: This is our chance to get out of debt I worked so hard to get to this point I have trained everywhere I have done so much and we finally get signed baby. This is our time to have the life we have always wanted. I don’t know who my first opponent will be and quite honestly I do not care I just hope they will be prepared for the most legendary beating off there life. I just hope they are prepared for the most brutal punishment they will receive. All my hard work will finally pay off and my first opponent will know first hand what it is like to be fucked up by a legend in the making. They will know all the pain I felt when were homeless all the times where we had to sleep in the car all the heartache that we felt. They will wish that they have never stepped in the ring with me Alex Legend. My Legend starts here in OCW my career will end in OCW and whoever faces me for my first match will fall to the rising Legend after my debut everyone will know the name ALEX LEGEND.



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A short but sweet RP, not bad Alex. Now since there are so many rookies posting lately, I'd say constructive criticism is necessary to help you all out. So here's what I thought, and what direction I recommend you take in future (note that you obviously don't have to take my advice, but it's there if you need it).


Now judging from the promo, there isn't much in your characters personality yet, besides the usual "I want to make it in this business" lingo. What I recommend you do is key in on a trait your character could have, that would help him stand out straight away (i.e: Dupree: "Girls favourite wrestler."), this should get a lot of attention from the roster, whether it be positive (Nate Ortiz - Unbeatable legend) or negative (S-Bomber - Ego bigger than the sun).


You also have a lot to work with already, you've apparently been homeless and you have another personality to work alongside you (Jessica), so be sure to include these two aspects of your character in future role-plays, as it gives a sense of consistency, it can also help you with story development, should you choose to submit content for future shows.


I hope this was useful to you and/or any other rookie trying to create a personality for their wrestler, which is never an easy task. Keep writing promos, and hopefully we'll see you on a show sooner, rather than later.

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