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Visiting Hours

Royce Bentley

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The shot opens up to Stacy Clarke outside of a hospital room, at the top floor of the hospital. It was the only room on the floor making it for all essential means a penthouse suite.


Stacy Clarke: I’m here outside the door of a hospital room where none other than Royce Bentley is receiving treatment and care due to the injuries he sustained from OCW’s most recent Pay Per View, Trials and Stipulations, and last night on Ambition. He called OCW home office right after regaining consciousness 2 hours after the show, requesting an interview. So here I am, let’s get this over with.


John the Camera Man: Stacy that wasn’t the best segway I mean he’s in the hospital.


Stacy Clarke: Yeah, Yeah Lets just get in there, and get out, I hate hos-


Stacy cuts herself off as they enter the room to reveal a room brightened by lit skyline view over the city of Baltimore. It appears to be a model apartment with various high end appliances in the personal kitchen, gym, and living room spread across the open floor of the place, and in the very back lay a glorious California king size bed, and a ton of medical equipment to service any patients needs, most of them being unused currently. Royce Bentley could be heard from the bed speaking to his two attractive fit and slender nurses, one blonde, and the other brunette with olive skin who entered the room a little before Stacy prepping him for the interview.


Royce Bentley: I am highly disappointed I didn’t meet you ladies last night due to my lack of consciousness. Since I don’t have the capacity to memorize your names right now, I’m going to call you Betty, and you Nightingale.


The two nurses giggle as they one fluffs his pillow and the other rolled down his blanket as he sat up revealing his upper body which was heavily wrapped and bandaged along with a few on his head. As he noticed Stacy approaching he called out-


Royce Bentley: Stacy, just who I wanted to see.


Stacy Clarke: What the hell is this?!


Royce Bentley: Is that the first question to this interview? Informal as always Ms. Clarke.

Stacy Clarke: I’m just saying, this can’t be covered by OCW’s Insurance policy.


Royce Bentley: It’s not, it’s my own personal policy.


Stacy Clarke: Because you get hurt a lot?


Royce Bentley: No because I’m a product valued in millions, with the potential for billions, and I intend to preserve the product.


Stacy Clarke: Okay, way over my head, anyway, you don’t look in any way shape or form able to compete, what does this mean for you and The Ambition Tournament?


Royce Bentley: I hope the other rookies are as determined as I am to get to that top point of Ambition, I know Dales Ernsmore is, despite his little display with the car and all, no hard feelings, whatever psyches a person up for a match is their business, but as you can see even when producing hate, I produce money. Anyway he shows he has tons of ambition, and will go far. He put on a clinic against me, albeit my current state, that’s no excuse, the man has chops, and I respect that.


Stacy Clarke: With Ernsmore behind you for now, what of your possible other opponents in the tournament?


Royce Bentley: All of them are in the tournament for a reason, they all have an ambiton and that’s why they have a chance at the title, aptly named The Ambition, but for all purposes win lose or draw. I Am Ambition. I personify the word. In fact I recently bought its copyright and trademarked the phrase.


Stacy Clarke: That seems a bit drastic are you trying to prove something?


Royce Bentley: All of us are.


Stacy Clarke: So you’re not pulling out of the tournament? Will the doctor’s allow you to compete?


Royce Bentley: It doesn’t matter what the doctor orders, I proved that last week, I’ll be at every match I’m booked in, and give my opponents everything I’ve got.


Stacy Clarke: That’s admirable but dumb, who knows what might happen in those matches, and you already know Guy Fausto is out there, with soul intentions to cut your career short, very short, you willing to risk yourself, your product?


Royce Bentley: When a product stays on the shelf that’s because it’s not being bought. I’m getting paid high to do what I do, and the fans, my Stockholders, have invested their trust in me to bring them entertainment and represent for them where they can’t. I can’t let them down. As for Frosty, haters gonna hate Stac’ and as you can tell from his speech, I watched it earlier this morning from the tapings, he’s the Pauper King of hating. He hates anyone who does big things for OCW, and he knows I’m next, so he’s just getting a little ahead of the game.


Stacy Clarke: So what are you going to do?


Royce Bentley: Retaliation will come best believe that. However I’m a man of many responsibilities and accounts, so while he is one of many, his account ain’t closed, I assure you, and you’ll know when it is.


Stacy Clarke: Thank you for your time Royce. I don’t think I have any further questions.


The blonde walks in carrying a blackberry and in a soft voice she announces,


Betty: Excuse me Mr. Bentley, you have a call.


Royce Bentley: Mr. Bentley is my father, you can call me Royce, B.


Betty: Yes Sir, the call is urgent however, it’s Mr. Smith.


Royce Bentley: Tell Will I’ll be with him in a minute, I have to say goodbye to Stacy.


Betty: Yes sir.


Stacy Clarke: Its okay Royce, we’re about to head out.


Royce Bentley: Alright Stac’ it was good to see you by the way, you look healthy.


Stacy Clarke: I wish I could say the same to you.


Royce Bentley: See you’re getting better at this.


Stacy Clarke: Right, take care of yourself; you probably won’t hear that from anyone else in OCW.


Royce Bentley: Thanks for your concern Stac’. You know what I’d call you if you were a nurse?


Stacy Clarke: No what?


Royce Bentley: Nurse Ratched.


The shot shook up and down as John the camera man laughed, the shot began swaying right and left as Stacy began slapping him on the shoulder.


Stacy Clarke: That’s not funny! We’re out of here!


The shot fades.


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always enjoy your rps Royce, but i gotta say the pic is Dupree's Favorite Nurse lol

"You either die a hero or live long enough to become Nate Ortiz" - Drago Cesar


"Let me make myself clear: you work for me. If I tell you to fight Blaine, you fight Blaine. Hell, if I tell you to fight a lion, you WILL fight a lion and still thank me afterwards for giving you a job." - Mr. Sensation

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