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And Update on Mr.Sensation


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OCWFED has finally gained some information regarding Mr.Sensation, the CEO of our company Online Championship Wrestling.



This past Tuesday on an "Epic" edition of RIOT we we're treated to a brand new set, and a roller coaster ride of action.


The climax included an amazing Main Event that lead to one of the most talked about moments in OCW History.


As we know Mr.Sensation attempted to make amends with Smythe D. Wonder, only to be met with yet another SDW!.


We have learned through third party knowledge that the 2nd SDW to Mr.Sensation has aggravated an old nagging injury from Mr.Sensations earlier years as a professional wrestler.


We have also learned that Mr.Sensation also suffered a very minor concussion and was taken to a nearby medical facility for evaluation.


The buzz around the world seems to be how Mr.Sensation will respond to this second act of aggression. Sources close to the situation state that Mr.Sensation doesn't seem like himself recently and due to these 2 new injuries he may not attend Riot this week.


The peculiar part of this story is that yet another party, who claims to "Know Sensation really well" Claims that Mr.Sensation is going through some sort of phase, he hasn't been seen in the office, or his many estates. Barring a trip to the Hospital Mr.Sensation's current whereabouts are unknown.


Regardless, the world will tune in this Tuesday on Riot to find out the ramifications if any for The Epic - Smythe D. Wonder


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One of my favorite storylines going right now....eager to see what Sensation does to respond. Without Nate and with Smythe against him, I wonder who will fight for Sensation, or if it means that Sensation will let his anger blind him and challenge Smythe to a match

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when i first got here, it was the end of the King Of OCW tourney. And the aftermath of what Smythe did during the tourney. To you forcing him into a match with KD, and the dismantling of the Darkside. To the Smythe vs. Cross match, where basically Jay screwed them both. Then Smythe getting sent to Ambition, but flaking to return to Riot like nothing happened. And that followed up with Jay feeding Pato a bag full of peanuts to attack Smythe and Leon. Then the slow mo SWD on the rampway, just sealed the deal.


Prolly my fav angle going besides Pato and Leon.

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