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You're Just A Mistake

Sean Sheldrake

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OOC: I decided to change up Sheldrake a bit so ignore the last RP.


A man in a black jacket is seen standing in a rather run down area of a big city. The commercialized area has a view of the big city in the back. Trash flowing the wind and a few homeless people wandering around as clanky cars drive past. A nice pimped out old cadillac in sparkly hot rod red with 22" spinners drives by sputtering the hydraulics bumping hip hop. Two males hang out the side of the car staring down the camera. One has a bandanna over his face and the other completely bald with a goatee. The bald male shows off a gun sign with his right hand as the car drives off.


The camera man walks quickly across the street and loud metal music can be heard. As he approaches the music continues to get louder and louder. A car drives past honking its horn as he steps up onto the curb. With the car speeding away the camera man steps up a small porch of the barely intact building. He opens the door and walks in. The music blasts through to the camera. The lens vibrates with each step the camera man takes into a room to the left. As he walks through the open double doorframe the music's volume goes down a little. Inside the room are tons of punching bags, wrestling mats and weight training machines.


A man and his buddies are over the the far corner to the right of this rather large rectangular room. Two gentlemen sit on a counter about 5 feet from the bag as one holds it and one is working on strikes to the bag. The two on the counter are the first to notice the camera.


Friend 1: Yo, Sean, I think that dude that was callin' you last week is here.


The friend points over to the camera man as Sean turns around. He acknowledges the cameraman and turns to the guy behind the bag.


Sean:(semi-deep voice) D, go turn the music down. I have to talk to this guy for a sec.


D: No worries boss.


D walks towards the camera and goes straight passed him. Sean walks over to the counter and grabs a towel to dry off all the sweat. As Sean puts the towel back down the music stops.


Camera man: Sean Sheldrake?


Sean: Thats me man get used to it.


Sean gives off a smirk.


Sean: You here about that call I gave you last week?


Camera man: Yeah, pack your bags, you're going to Ambition this Sunday.


Sean: Finally. I've been trying to get on that stupid crap for months now man. Thanks for the notice… ass hole.


Camera man: Hey man don't shoot the messenger…


Sean: Shut your mouth when you're on my ground. (Directs attention to the camera) All those other guys that went before me, well O.C.W. will just realize they were just a mistake. Anyone but Sean Sheldrake is just a mistake. You all hear that in there? You are ALL a mistake. I'm coming to show O.C.W. why I am the best thing out there, the right choice. At Ambition this Sunday, expect a statement.


Sean looks back at the camera man.


Sean: Lets go, and don't you dare talk.


The camera fades out midway through his sentence.

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I was thinking between moving Hostile up to a hvy. but I'm established with him so it wouldnt make sense. I just chose to bump him up to a heavyweight. The old gimmick wouldnt fit the fighting style so I had to change that too. My theme has lyrics of "You Were Just A Mistake" and it sounded cool as like a little catch phrase type thing. So I went with it.
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