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Attention ex division!!!

Judas Hallows

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Judas Hallows wants to know who is "extreme" and who has interest in the most exciting division in OCW wrestling. Who is willing to put on an amazing show for the right to challenge the champion for the crown of "EXTREME"?


The EX division is the heart, soul and spirit of the ring. Every rope, corner, turnbuckle, steel step, ladder and weapon is utilized to ensure the greatest spectacle possible for the entertainment of the fans.


This is the future of the EX division. The new beginning of EXTREME in OCW.



If you are interested in competing in the EX division sign up here or PM Judas Hallows. Names will be listed here.

Finishers - the hallowmaker (front)

the Thrill Seeker (top tope)


Sigs: Hallow Ground (ground leg)

The Leap of Hallows (turnbuckle)

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My last 2 opponents have signed up.


I guess i must avenge my losses and capture that gold!

"You either die a hero or live long enough to become Nate Ortiz" - Drago Cesar


"Let me make myself clear: you work for me. If I tell you to fight Blaine, you fight Blaine. Hell, if I tell you to fight a lion, you WILL fight a lion and still thank me afterwards for giving you a job." - Mr. Sensation

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