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A Week In The Life: Trevor McManus Day One

Trevor McManus

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*As the shot comes to focus we see the outside of a martial arts gym. A motorcycle pulls up outside and OCW superstar Trevor McManus dismounts and makes his way inside. The shot follows him.*


*In the hallway of the gym Trevor turns to the camera.*


Trevor: Hi there OCWFED.COM, I understand that you’re going to be documenting my week. Well here we are at the martial arts gym where I like to stay in shape. I’ve done all the bulking up I need so I just need to maintain, I prefer to do this with some martial arts exercises purely because they’re fun to do.


*Trevor points to the door they have stopped at.*


Trevor: I have to go in there and get changed for my workout, wait here and no peaking.


*Trevor goes in to the room. While waiting for him to re-emerge the camera catches a few gym members going back and forth. As a young man who is heavily ripped, wearing a vest top and shorts, walks past, the camera man decides to pluck up the courage to ask some questions.*


Cameraman: Hey, I’m from OCWFED.COM and I was wondering if I could get a word.


*The young man immediately acknowledges the camera and walks over.*


Young Man: Sure.


Cameraman: Are you a member of this gym?


*The young man points at his attire.*


Young Man: Yeah.


Cameraman: And who is the most intense member of the gym here?


Young Man: Frank Johnson for sure, he’s such an inspiration.


*There is a slight delay as the camera man takes in the information.*


Cameraman: Gotta say I’m slightly surprised you didn’t say Trevor McManus there.


Young Man: Trevor used to be awesome about two years ago. He would be here for hours on end and outlast guys who were eighteen, nineteen, twenty. But these days his workouts last about thirty minutes and he does mainly cardio stuff and bag work without really sparring like he used to.


Cameraman: What kind of martial arts are actually covered here?


Young Man: Oh god. Ummm, I know there’s thousands in the world but I’d say everything I’ve heard of can be studied here.


Cameraman: Really? The building looks small from outside.


Young Man: Yeah there’s steps around the corner at the end of the corridor, it goes underground.


Cameraman: What does Trevor study here?


Young Man: He started doing wrestling but he’s been doing mainly boxing for a while now. Like I say he’s mainly about cardio and bag work now, with wrestling you really need to spar and do matches which he’s gone off recently.


Cameraman: Just one last thing, what’s your name?


Young Man: Frank Johnson.


*Frank walks past the camera and opens the door to the changing room, Trevor stands inside it ready to exit but stands aside and lets Frank in first.*


Trevor: Those arms are coming along well Frank.


*Trevor turns his focus to the camera.*


Trevor: He reminds me of a young version of myself that lad.


Cameraman: So what’s on the agenda for today Trevor?


*Trevor frowns.*


Trevor: Are cameramen supposed to talk?


Cameraman: Well OCWFED.COM wouldn’t finance a reporter to join me.


Trevor: Typical. Well we’re going to do some cardio to get us started then wrap it up with some bag work. Follow me.


*The camera follows Trevor along to the end of the corridor, round the corner and down the steps. As the camera gets closer to the bottom a huge open plan gym starts to come in to view.*


Trevor: Almost looks like it used to be an aircraft hanger eh?


*The huge floor space is covered in any kind of equipment you could imagine. On the far left at the front there are many rows of cardio machines from traditional treadmills to state of the art machines the average person couldn’t even identify never mind use. At the back of those cardio machines is a jungle of heavy bags. Down the centre of the floor is a line of rings and cages for martial arts training. On the right hand side of the room there is a huge range of weight lifting equipment.*


Trevor: It’s a great place to train. Now lets start with a bit of cardio work.


*A rather fat man with a vest top stained with sweat approaches Trevor.*


Fat Man: Trevor. Trevor!


Trevor: Yeah Gary I hear you, don’t need to keep shouting.


Gary: Sorry, would you come over to the wrestling in for a second and help this young guy out with some of his moves.


Trevor: I’m in the middle of something for work…although. I guess it’d be kind of cool for people to see me training the youth, alright lead on.


*Gary leads Trevor and the cameraman down the centre of the floor, right to the back wall where there sit’s a regulation sized wrestling ring. A young, slender, man is standing rather nervously in the corner of the ring. In the centre of the ring is a huge wrestler not much smaller than OCW Champion Mayhem.*


Trevor: Alright son, run straight at the big man here and show me a bump.


*Trevor looks at the camera.*


Trevor: This isn’t spoiling the magic is it?


*Trevor looks back at the ring.*


Trevor: Run right at the big guy and try to knock him down but if you fail then show me how to fall safely.


*Trevor turns back to the camera and cups his hands over his mouth.*


Trevor: Better.


*After several minutes of ring work Trevor shakes the young man’s hand and signs an autograph for him. He beacons for the camera to follow him over to the cardio area before Frank Johnson calls him from the weight lifting area.*


Frank: Hey Trevor, lets do a little weight lifting contest for the camera.


Trevor: Frank I wouldn’t want to show you up on OCW television now would I?


Frank: You wish!


*Trevor smirks to the camera before walking over to Frank who is standing beside a weight bar with two weight disks on either end.*


Trevor: You want to do the honours?


Frank: Of course.


*Frank picks the bar up over his head and presses it before lowering it back to the ground..*


Trevor: You’ve certainly gotten stronger over these past six months, you'd have struggled with that before.


Frank: Lets see if you've gotten weaker.


*Frank smirks as Trevor lifts the bar above his head and presses it before dropping it back to the floor.*


Frank: Bit of sloppy technique there.


Trevor: As long as you get it up it doesn't matter how it comes back down.


*Frank adds another weight on either side of the bar. He smiles for the camera before lifting it with ease, pressing it, and slowly lowering it back down.*


Trevor: You're really pushing me here aren't you, remember I'm a lot older than you.


Frank: You're also a superstar athlete, wouldn't want to get shown up by some kid now would you?


*Trevor struggles the bar above his head and presses it once before dropping it down and falling to a knee.*


Frank: Trevor, are you ok?


*Trevor gets to his feet looking a little wobbled.*


Trevor: As long as you get it up, it doesn't matter how it comes back down.


Frank: Two more?


Trevor: No you’re alright I better get this workout in for the camera.


Frank: Tomorrow?


Trevor: Sure why not but I'll remember my vitamins tomorrow.


*The shot fades out to black and the OCWFED.COM logo appears on the screen.*

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