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"A Week In the Life: Wesley Adams Poe" 2

Wesley Adams Poe

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*The OCWFed.com logo flashes across the screen and fades to a shot of a close up on Wesley Adams Poe’s face. Fortunately it begins to zoom out as he sets the camera on the dash, revealing himself in the driver seat and camera man Dan, sleep in the passenger.*


*Poe nudges him a few times, making his pudgy exterior jiggle, but not waking him up, so instead he holds Dan’s nose and mouth closed causing him to wake up and trying to get air. Dan’s eyes pop open, and he wrangles around trying to breathe. Poe continues to hold his orifices shut for a moment then laughs as he gasps for breath. Between Dan’s pants, he speaks.*

Dan: Was I just asleep?


Poe: The drive to Jersey is a long one.


Dan: We’re in New Jersey?


Poe: That’s where Riot is this week, I still have a job to do.


Dan: Why didn’t we fly?


Poe: I’m not allowed on planes anymore, wasn’t this fun though?


Dan: NO! No it wasn’t, between you making fun of me, aggressively switching lanes

like a 92 year old Asian woman, and singing-


Poe: You finish that statement and I’ll cut your tongue out and feed it to Patolomai.


Dan: Okay, okay, but what about those god off rumbles in the trunk?


Poe: I don’t know what you’re talking about.


Dan: I heard it the whole time, something was moving around back there, it almost

sounded like scratching.


Poe: Probably just luggage, yeah my bags, no doubt about it.


Dan: Right…So where are we exactly, this isn’t the arena?


Poe: Oh yeah check this out.

*Poe grabs the camera and points it away from the two men in the car and towards a house across from them. The home is fairly large but Poe focuses the camera the mailbox, the address remains blurry but Poe zooms the camera in until the name “GAINES” comes into view.*


Dan: What the hell are we doing here? I don’t want to be a part of it.


Poe: You don’t have to, I just need the camera, and I’ll just let Mr. Sensation know he paid you for no reason this week.


*Dan sighs deeply and holds his hands out for the camera. Poe passes it to him then opens his car door and steps out.*


Dan: Doesn’t he have a restraining order on you or something?


Poe: I don’t believe so, and even if he did…you think that would really stop me?


Dan: Right, so what are we doing here.


Poe: She’s in there. They’re in there.


Dan: Who?


Poe: Annabell


Dan: The chick who managed you for a few weeks?


Poe: My…well my ex-fiance.


Dan: She’s with GAINES NOW? No wonder you stunnered the guy!


Poe: It’s not like that, Gaines is married and has his own kids.


Dan: Then whats the big deal?


Poe: Gaines, being the charitable fool he is, offered Annabell and the baby we adopted to stay here, if he didn’t they would have shipped the baby back to Cambodia.


Dan: Wait so you stunned Gaines because he helped out your family?


Poe: They aren’t my family anymore, they’re his.


Dan: But I thought we were here to see them.


Poe: No.


Dan: You’re not going to go check on your child man? That’s low.


Poe: I can’t. Court ordered.


Dan: oh, sor-


*Poe didn’t let Dan finish, he opened up the mailbox placed an envelope in it. Rang the buzzer up to Nathan Gaines Home, and quickly got in the car. As soon as Dan joined him Poe put the car in reverse and quickly, dangerously, pulled back far enough to see but not be seen. Nathan Gaines can be seen coming out to his mailbox.


He Opens it, pulling out the envelope, he seems to stare at it for a moment, then opens it as well, pulling out a bank banded stack of bills. He seems to stare at it for a good long moment, and then takes a quick look down the road, almost as if directly at them. After a few moments he completes his turn and heads back towards his home. Out of sight.*


Dan: So…


Poe: Put on your seatbelt, we’re heading to the arena.

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Man this is freaking awesome. Imma take Patos advice and do some research on you. U seem to have a very interesting past.


And i wonder whats in the trunk. That and no matter how diabolical u are, u still care about your family. And its obviously hurts not being able to see them. Shows u are human lol


Pure dopeness Poe!

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"You either die a hero or live long enough to become Nate Ortiz" - Drago Cesar


"Let me make myself clear: you work for me. If I tell you to fight Blaine, you fight Blaine. Hell, if I tell you to fight a lion, you WILL fight a lion and still thank me afterwards for giving you a job." - Mr. Sensation

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I gotta agree with Dupree on this. This RP was as close to perfection as you can get. The RP effecively, drew the audience in,added character depth and pushed your storyline/angel while still leaving the audience anticipating what's next. Personally my favorite angel in Online Championship Wrestling is the Poe Dupree aunt dissapearance. Props as always Poe


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