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  1. I'm not gonna pretend I watched the whole thing, I didn't, but no disrespect, i really just wanted to see what RD did, and then was pleasantly surprised to see my old mentor, after being foolishly upset that all that return hype might have really been for Bitch Aries*. I couldn't even watch the RD entrance, cause i was gasping in horror at the CAW, wishing someone contacted me to make it for them if RD would not himself,from reading the comments i realize that parker, now I get it, I lol'd. Big Up's to Dupree, he's making his way and that shit is glorious. Pato as well. Matsuda is not where I expected him to be, but only a matter of time, sometimes having a off the wall, or original gimmick, can be really hard to work with, I found out, in a since you have to do double the work at all times. Not to say it makes you any better than someone with a typical, or just regular person angle, but it does. You're in a way better position than I was though, you win matches, so just keep it up. Good to see the fed plugging along with new and old soldiers.
  2. Great Riot from Absolutely Everyone on it. I'll leave some notes when we reach page two.
  3. *The OCWFed.com logo flashes across the screen and fades to a shot of a close up on Wesley Adams Poe’s face. Fortunately it begins to zoom out as he sets the camera on the dash, revealing himself in the driver seat and camera man Dan, sleep in the passenger.* *Poe nudges him a few times, making his pudgy exterior jiggle, but not waking him up, so instead he holds Dan’s nose and mouth closed causing him to wake up and trying to get air. Dan’s eyes pop open, and he wrangles around trying to breathe. Poe continues to hold his orifices shut for a moment then laughs as he gasps for breath. Between Dan’s pants, he speaks.* Dan: Was I just asleep? Poe: The drive to Jersey is a long one. Dan: We’re in New Jersey? Poe: That’s where Riot is this week, I still have a job to do. Dan: Why didn’t we fly? Poe: I’m not allowed on planes anymore, wasn’t this fun though? Dan: NO! No it wasn’t, between you making fun of me, aggressively switching lanes like a 92 year old Asian woman, and singing- Poe: You finish that statement and I’ll cut your tongue out and feed it to Patolomai. Dan: Okay, okay, but what about those god off rumbles in the trunk? Poe: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Dan: I heard it the whole time, something was moving around back there, it almost sounded like scratching. Poe: Probably just luggage, yeah my bags, no doubt about it. Dan: Right…So where are we exactly, this isn’t the arena? Poe: Oh yeah check this out. *Poe grabs the camera and points it away from the two men in the car and towards a house across from them. The home is fairly large but Poe focuses the camera the mailbox, the address remains blurry but Poe zooms the camera in until the name “GAINES” comes into view.* Dan: What the hell are we doing here? I don’t want to be a part of it. Poe: You don’t have to, I just need the camera, and I’ll just let Mr. Sensation know he paid you for no reason this week. *Dan sighs deeply and holds his hands out for the camera. Poe passes it to him then opens his car door and steps out.* Dan: Doesn’t he have a restraining order on you or something? Poe: I don’t believe so, and even if he did…you think that would really stop me? Dan: Right, so what are we doing here. Poe: She’s in there. They’re in there. Dan: Who? Poe: Annabell Dan: The chick who managed you for a few weeks? Poe: My…well my ex-fiance. Dan: She’s with GAINES NOW? No wonder you stunnered the guy! Poe: It’s not like that, Gaines is married and has his own kids. Dan: Then whats the big deal? Poe: Gaines, being the charitable fool he is, offered Annabell and the baby we adopted to stay here, if he didn’t they would have shipped the baby back to Cambodia. Dan: Wait so you stunned Gaines because he helped out your family? Poe: They aren’t my family anymore, they’re his. Dan: But I thought we were here to see them. Poe: No. Dan: You’re not going to go check on your child man? That’s low. Poe: I can’t. Court ordered. Dan: oh, sor- *Poe didn’t let Dan finish, he opened up the mailbox placed an envelope in it. Rang the buzzer up to Nathan Gaines Home, and quickly got in the car. As soon as Dan joined him Poe put the car in reverse and quickly, dangerously, pulled back far enough to see but not be seen. Nathan Gaines can be seen coming out to his mailbox. He Opens it, pulling out the envelope, he seems to stare at it for a moment, then opens it as well, pulling out a bank banded stack of bills. He seems to stare at it for a good long moment, and then takes a quick look down the road, almost as if directly at them. After a few moments he completes his turn and heads back towards his home. Out of sight.* Dan: So… Poe: Put on your seatbelt, we’re heading to the arena.
  4. The OCWFED logo flashes across the screen as the ‘Week In the Life’ Webcast begins. The camera is shaking and deep breaths can be heard as the guerilla style webcast gets underway. It is clear it is coming from Outside the Grand Rapids arena. The Camera man reaches a bus near the parking garage and The shaking and jittering calms as the scene comes more into focus. Wesley Adams Poe is seen at the back of his car, a 2011 black Nissan Maxima, the trunk is open. Poe stands next to it smoking a cigarette. He takes a slow final drag and flicks it out towards the push. The camera man is hiding in. The camera man jumps from behind it, and Poe slams his trunk closed. Poe: You must be a part of the web team. Poe walks back around to the front of his car and leans up against it. Poe: Come here kid. The camera man starts forward but then is stopped when he sees a child about the age of 12 run up to Poe with a picture in hand. The same kid that corrected Dupree during Dupree TV earlier that night. The camera man zoomed in on the LOTUS T-shirt the child was wearing and was surprised they already had fans. Poe: Adapting early son? Child: I’m too young to die sir. Poe laughs aloud and pats the kid on the head, then signs his picture. Poe: That you are boy, that you are, but it’s not a good idea to run out here by yourself, There are some shady characters out here. Child: Well I’m not alone my sister is inside. Poe: Well get back to her, I got some business to take care of, alright? Child: Yes sir! The child bows to Poe and then runs back towards the arena entrance. Poe doesn’t look back from the child running but his voice changes to a very low almost growl. Poe: Get over here. The camera man is startled but begins to walk towards him taking short steps. Poe: What took you so long? Camera Man: Well I thought you were talking to the kid? Poe: No matter, you following me this week? Camera Man: that’s my assignment. Poe: Good, get in the car. Poe gets up off the hood and opens the driver side door unlocking the passenger side as well. Camera man: You were pretty nice to the kid, didn’t know you had it in you. Poe looks down as if hesitant to respond but a split second later looks back up with a smirk. Poe: Every lord must acknowledge his serfs once in a while. Camera man: Uh right where are we going. Poe: Spoilers Jeeves, spoilers. Camera Man: But my name is Dan? Poe ducks down into the car and revs the engine. Dan runs to the other side and gets in. the camera is shut off before the interior can be shown.
  5. Nate's Birthday isn't til the 23rd...of November! FUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFyou
  6. Since we're on the second page now, I figure i can say it, WTF'N Where the Fuck is Nate >_<
  7. The RP's on this show tonight, From Everyone, top notch. I liked smythes, I liked hazards after his match, Pato and Leon are showing why You all need to Adapt, the Champ speaks some, Cody has deadly focus, meaning what he's focusing on will be deadly to him, eventually. Chris Ryder, actually being a funny guy, shades of the ratings topper Zack Ryder, so Chris what are you gonna do with that title...oh and Guy Fausto remains the reigning king of awesome rps, as soon as I started reading, I was laughing, as soon as it ended...I was sad for the guy. Legit, all Fausto needs to do now is sell his soul to the devil...or in other words. Adapt or Die. In other news check the backstage area soon for new developments and the continuation of our Week In the Life Program leading up to next weeks Riot!
  8. Parchment will come tomorrow after i rewatch the show, i've been busy with school work, riot work, actual work, and wasting my free time on MK so I'll get something up soon, quick notes though, I actually marked for Danes Entrance, Marked harder after he was the first eliminated, I liked Cody winning the FI it continues his streak of opportunity, Glad Sensation is still the boss.TD and Matsuda had a good match, but of course LOTUS came out on top. I don't really care for Dorien Arnaud winning the Rookie rush, and become number 1 contender for a title and show he really has nothing to do with but, within the fairness of the match and show he did win so its cool, hopefully Dale will beat him though and someone more keen to Ambition will feud with him soon. I want to save some thoughts for the parchment though so overall an Amazing Lution i wasn't disappointed at all, and was happy to make my return on the show.
  9. My Old Mentor...don't come back, unless you're ready to Adapt. (I will mark if you do anyway though)
  10. Not a bad post at all rookie, but I think you should be using this stuff for shows now that you're on it, which in a way reading it, I think you wrote it for a show, but obviously posted in the wrong forum, you need to post it in the ambition submission thread. I guess this is just a another preview of what we should expect from you on the show though
  11. Poe’s Parchment! Happy belated Thanksgiving…From Prison. I can’t wait to help D.Jones out with a new gimmick, The Eunuch. But anyway, V4 is up and this is our first official Riot all on 2011. Rude Country is a nice touch to location, I chuckled, OCW is the best spectacle in Minnesota however since the Vikings suck. Poling speaks of murder and blood, but I’m not there so that’s a lie. Oh and also cause the game doesn’t allow it, I see the social…SVR commentary there, nice job. Somones arrived in a limo and white hoodie…the classy guy he is. I’m assuming I’ll figure out who this is later on in the show, but on to the darkside, who never miss a chance to make an appearance. Honestly I do mark for the songs, I’ve said it before but come on style much? I don’t get get smythes turtleneck the same color as his skin, Jookie looks like he’s trying to be like Kanye, which is kind of win, but I don’t think he pulled it of exactly right, however not bad, and KD actually isn’t bad but in my opinion he looks like the boss here. I would mark if next week, the darkside hired a stylist, but that’s just a suggestion, I can’t write it for you. Onto their actual rp. I don’t think it’s a good Idea to label your rp as boring before it even starts, people are already looking to skip over stuff so I wouldn’t suggest that anymore, even if it is fitting. I’m glad you guys are looking to do more with yourselves, that’s good. Bret Favre joke for the Minnesota natives, you guys rag on the natvies, Jookies an accountant? Alright massive heel turn... and good sir’s You ARE making money, you ARE. But anyway White hoodie dude is a nice site, but I don’t much care for his music not being MFER of the year, idk if it was supposed to be or what but it is not, and that makes me a sad panda :( Leon is face and he is mad at the darkside…he was in jail…I didn’t see him…anyway Greatness being attacked is news to everyone, and when did he and smythe become friends, I kind of doubt it but then again maybe that’s why he is sending his son into ocw. Wish that kid had did something for the show, but I guess we’ll have to wait til ambition to see whats going with that. Anyway…I’m slowly.losing..inte…rest...hmm rest. No but seriously this rp gets kind of out there, and is from left field with the name dropping, I’m wondering if RD approved of this? Okay, not Mike O’Malley is on this riot, but is he also a rookie? I’m not sure how we’re handling the situation with this kid, but I like his work. He goes up against…well I was gonna make a snide “Trance looks like Alex Shelley.” Remark here but it’s totally unnecessary, and would be redundant considering we say it everytime we see the guy. ..damnit! on to the match. MoM VS JT=haha you’re mom vs justin timberlake lawl sauce. Okay this match showed a mechanic of the game I like that I didn’t mention before, how the game makes a smaller guy picking up a bigger guy go through the moves animation much slower, it’s a subtle small thing I like, I’m guessing trance is heavyweight now or he has been for a while, but I still think some moves just aren’t necessarily fitting, definitely not against some opponents, the falcon arrow I mean, against a larger heavy or mayhem, that would look quite ridiculous comes from a former ex guy. Match flows okay, MoM got a sig and trance began his strike combo, I expect to see this a lot as it’s a quick way to get your opponents momentum down slightly, and those kicks are a little tough to reverse, but it is reversible and legal so it’s nothing to get on about, just something I noticed, and expect, though hope not, to see. WTF IS THIS! WHAT IS THE FUCKER DOING AWAY FROM THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! NO NO NOT THE PILEDRIVER! NOT THE TIGER BOMB! NOT THE NERD CUTTER. Well that career came and went quicker than double A, Fausto you disappoint me, this is an outrage…but I like it. Oh look an explanation…I hear djones music and Crowes in the background but they will have to wait damnit! HEEL TURN! I like it a lot, it’s almost like a heel Austin, but I wonder what he’s going to do to the rest of the rookies, I know it’s not exactly his goal to destroy rookies but if he destroys rookies, he destroys ocw’s future…just a suggestion, I’m not a schemer and all… but if the plan is random… More rookies on the show…I’m slowly starting to see no point in ambition, these kids are just climbing out of the trenches like its two feet deep, CUTTER THEM FAUSTO, CUTTER THEM ALL. But no really I appreciate the work being put in by new guys, but Thunder Dragon is showing his courage standing up to the darkside…he’s like Ron and his little light thingamabobber that Dumbledore game him…haha I just found out the Dumbledore is in spell check and will autocorrect my ass when I spell it wrong, nice. Anyway bonus match! I would love if thunder dragon came out and was throwing down yugioh cards and summoning shit that destroys KD idk why but the name makes me thinking yugioh, is there like a red eyes thunder dragon? Oh you have to fusion summon the sage versus card and the asian guy card? Ah gotcha. LUCAS CROWE, welcome back…except your face looks like mine except fatter and not as scarred-chiq, anyway we’re both bad men. I think the whole what I’ve been doing bit is awesome and so are the vids so you bitches need to watch them, and I like the angle of your return feeding on the mainstream vamp craze, you would think the E would have thought of this already but maybe they haven’t because of the PG rating…vampires aren’t PG. “But Poe they had Kevin Thorne.” SHUT UP, they also had Kelly’s Expose at that time, and the vampire craze wasn’t around, they didn’t know wtf to d with Kevin thorne nor did they have a great reason for him being around like OCW with Lucas Crowe, don’t try to knock the man’s credit, or I’m sure somehow your nuts will get busted….speaking of, here comes the future Eunuch himself. D.Jones VS BLT I Like jones music to be honest, the snitch he is, but it’s a good song. I thought lettuce changed his music but he just is playing a different part or something.not gonna lie, bergs arms look weird to his body, like they are too long or too big, or his shoulders are just a bit too wide, I can’t put my finger on it, but it might just be me, but I suggest a little tweaking a little bit, and I mean a real little bit, cause other than that it’s not much, but then again it might just be the suspenders.Lettuce has already said he had some things to change in his moveset so I won’t really talk about that, match was pretty even but djones smaller stature got him, nice reversals on both parts, and I’m seeing more people end with their sigs and finishers still anyway, I like that people still do it, and are not being stupid and not even trying to hit them. Judas and Dorian are around guessing a match will come soon since they aren’t playing nice…I think fausto needs to cutter them, no joke I marked for that, and I want to see a surprise fausto cutter on fools every week, I’ll be expecting it in every match and get mad when it’s not there, but be overjoyed when it finally is…Anyway good to see kids feud, I’ll be looking for development next week, don’t skimp Lawl Lord of the ring…fausto definitely needs to nerd cutter someone for that. OH SHIT DJONES GETS THE BUSINESS! GO FOR THE BALLS CUTTER THE BALLS! Okay that works, I guess you’re saving that bit for me. Thank you :) Jookie with KD Managing vs Baxter: This angle annoys me…chair action? Guess this is hardcore or no dq didn’t realize that. Double chair action! I’m sure baxter likes it, but not my style …don’t eat that kick KD, that’s not kosher. Baxter dominates a good bit of the match, im not sure if that was a tyler or not so I won’t get on it much but either it was a bad decision by bax or a bad decision by jook but this match continues. I don’t get why bax just let him lay there, def could have picked him up or something…did that rapper just rhyme blade with Blade? Anyway back to the match. So many people with the soccer kick combo, guess it’s a popular move, omg did fat pirate just jump on that kids chest? Jooks smoke filled lungs just collapsed. This match is a little long. Haha baxter broke the chair after he flipped jumped off it, fatty. Jookie is hanging in there, ground sig into diving finisher allowed? Guess so, way to go kid. Everyones using the little crotch colored strap…back to the drawing board for me. Dorian vs Judas…as I predicted. Dorian is an ugly kid…maybe that will make him a good wrestler, worked for mayhem. Judas is such a big ex guy, always thought so…well atleast he’s consistant…now why the hell are you attacking the ref, DQ DQ...these combos are killing me. Lord of the ring…I would prefer this person use the single leg boston crab so it can match his single arm strap. Dane is praying haha, he should have prayed for a clean match ending. THUNDAR DRAGON! HOOOOOOOOO oh vs KD your intro music fails. Damn these gay ass angles…celtic cross as a reg move, awesome. Guess no one is using it so theres no reason not to but it just looks like overkill to me, specially when you use it like 3 times in a match, I would suggest you limiting the use, like use it to set up a none sig/fin pin or to get your sig or fin and set that up. Slow down your boot just a little man, you get way to agile in that millisecond. Let me enjoy the move. Dane…don’t try to be face. I hate you, and I like hating you. You’re just annoying when you try to get on the good side of things, I like hating you. See if you actually try to be good, you will annoy me, but that’s different than my hate, guys I hate, I can appreciate guys who annoy me…well Eunuchs. So if you want to keep your nutsack, you know what to do. You could have atleast played the north American champs music…ariest got a bit of a beatdown ha but smythe doesn’t get any points on the ladder for it cause it was a dq Bazinga. Leon come on that white hoodie isn’t cool…I see what you’re trying to do. THAT’S RACIST! Is jookie really an accountant? Ooh trevor you silly boyo you, I would have liked to see you guys edit a vid up and have crowe put trevor into the cobra clutch instead, but I steal like what you did, just a suggestion for something a little better in my opinion. CROWE IS BACK! Mo’M isn’t dead? Really…that piledriver was brutal. Kids resilient. O’Maniacs…lol OH OH SO THIS EXPLAINS IT ALL, YAY! Ambition has worth. Thes bonus matches are making all this hard…Hostile…Straight Edge Avenger…another white hoodie…I see whats going on here OCW, I WILL NOT BE FOOLED, I may be the Charles manson of ocw, but I do not approve of the blatant racism, hate should be random and not due to the color of one man’s skin…even though darkside seems kind of racist too…racism+Racism= a positive? No way…fuck you. No No I forgive you self, lets go play tiddly winks with big bad joe for cigarettes :) Oh wait…I have to watch this match…hardcore match! What is hazard doing here? Isn’t he fired? Hey hey mister, what are those chain grapple reverses, I know it’s just so easy, but practice not doing it. For the whiners sake, I can see it now, “HE STOLE ALL MY MOMENTUM BY ACCIDENTLY REVERSING!” lets avoid that… why are these matches so long! I lied before, Please start pinning off of non-sigs fins, jesus, utilize it, live it, even if your opponent kicks out, it makes the match look more legit. GAINES what was that? Congrats to daggermouth. This might be match of the night for the upset…in my opinion it should go to one of the pirates, I think bax and jookies match will look good as highlights, and the DJack match was just a wtf moment for me personally, no offense, but technically the pirate faction is doing better than the darkside. RACISM IS NOT TOLERATED AT OCW LEON! EUNUCH'D Now I began watching Danes theme but I didn’t here a Eminem song, all I heard was, “you’re only smoke and mirrors.” Nah I’m just trollin dude, the tron is actually cool, if I didn’t think you’d somehow use it against me to say I owed you one, I would tell you to make me one, but ha, fat chance wide back. Your knee pads are gimmick infringement, a Bentley should sue you for all your worth…oh wait spoiler alert? Larry the lobster, now you know your moveset does not even suggest you’re a technical wrestler, stop gimping and change your archetype to powerhouse. NOW. Titles will change hands this year, that’s obvious. Are you kidding me? Did wide back just flip over the ropes? I seriously became anorexic to justify flipping over ropes…this is a travesty. Oh..yeah travesty is a good word. The ending has been addressed. I will not continue. I mentioned my nominations for match of the night. This is a 2000 some odd word review because I ramble, but there it goes. 3 hour special gets a 3 telltale heart beat out of 5. This has been the parchment, prison edition. I’ll accept payment in cigarettes…for now.
  12. This is besides the point, but.... http://www.dragoart.com/tuts/pics/5/3022/how-to-draw-larry-the-lobster.jpg Danes Body Double.
  13. He didn't say we're staying on 2010 folks, he said were not using 2011 til CG, so after devilnights there is still a few weeks before CG like every ppv, we're not tna we don't do them back to back. So read shit, context clues, the only reason he's concerned with 2010 is because we will still have weesk of riot where we are supposed to be using 2010, unless we just go on a full on break til CG and the use of 2011, and the launch of V4, which could be a possibility but also could not be. Read shit, breath it in, realize what someones saying before you make the quickpost, or shut the fuck up with your douchetastic comments, thinking using vernacular will make anyone care about what you're saying.
  14. Dane, you realize you are not the only one whose pleaded this, we all have well those of us who can probably be trusted not to do it, or just wouldn't cause we don't play like that. But the fact is...those that do, always will. There is no honor amongst the mongrels.
  15. The Fans are stupid do matches set by storyline so the people actually putting work into things are rewarded.
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