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MATSUDA Origins; Chapter I


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Origin I:


[When Ambition cuts to a commercial break, the viewer’s screen fades black for a few moments. An eerie creak can echoes through the viewers living room as their television continues to provide no lighting. There is another creaking sound, this one louder as a white blur appears. The blur comes into focus revealing the kanji “鯉” meaning “koi” the Japanese equivalent of a carp. When the kana came to fruition, the booming voice of Mr. Masaki Yamaguchi is heard, speaking in his native Japanese. White subtitles are legible at the bottom of the viewer’s screen.]


YAMAGUCHI: (In Japanese) Many wonder why Unbeatable MATSUDA commands such respect, even at his currently entry level position. By the end of the night you will understand.


[The screen brightens up showing a six sided ring, de-voided of wrestlers who had stained its white mat with their blood, sweat, and tears. Still, surrounding the ring is a packed stadium filled with devoted Japanese fans, chanting the names of their heroes. This is NJWA. At first the chants were relatively inaudible, but eventually one name came from the mouths of all in the arena.]










YAMAGUCHI: (In Japanese) Our story begins with one man, though this man is not Unbeatable MATSUDA, his path shaped the boy that would become the man. His name: Tarantula Mishima.










[Thick, dark smoke built up at the entrance ramp at the far end of the stadium, the slow paced sound of a traditional kabuki drum begins to erupt from the loud speakers. Lights begin to flash as the legendary Japanese wrestler’s tron lit the arena. The silhouette of an elaborately dressed figure is visible through the thick smoke. The crowed popped, continuing to chant the name of their champion as he stepped into visibility.]


YAMAGUCHI: (In Japanese) The man you see here making his triumphant entrance is the Great Tarantula Mishima--the most innovative man in all of puroresu in the twilight of his career.


[Mishima made his way down the long ramp and steps into the ring, violently ripping off his headdress and spitting green mist into the air. His face, now partially covered in the bright green liquid and detailed face paint, is visibly old, the legendary wrestler is in his sixties. The music comes to an abrupt end as he takes a knee.]


YAMAGUCHI: (in Japanese) Tarantula Mishima is known for heavily influencing the Japanese strong style--the maneuvers that he has innovated are countless. This is the final scene of a highly competitive tournament to study under the master and take on his mantle--the opportunity of a lifetime.


[The lights turn on as two young men walk down the ramp, there is no music, even the audience remains eerily silent. The two youngsters enter the ring, both bruised and battered from the tournament which all took place on this one night--between the two of them six matches had been wrestled.]


YAMAGUCHI: (in Japanese) On the right, Keiji Matsumoto, known now as Pink Spider. On the right, Hideto Matsuda.


[Mishima, who was down on one knee stood to his feet, staring down both candidates with cold eyes. He grabbed the young Matsuda by the hair, forcing him to look up violently before releasing him. The old man then approached Matsumoto, putting a microphone to his lips.]




[Mishima looks to Matsuda before spitting red mist into the face of Matsumoto. Temporarily blinded, Tarantula motioned for Matsuda to finish the job.]


[Matsuda nodded, shocked by what had just occurred and quickly performed his finishing maneuver, a variation of the Ranhei called the Tsuki-yomi.]


[Mishima proceeded to slip out of the ring, crawling beneath the ring, and the young Matsuda ran under after his new teacher.]


YAMAGUCHI: (in English) The koi is the most resilient of fish--he is able to swim against the current and climb the fall. According to Japanese legend, when the Koi reaches the top of the waterfall, it becomes a dragon. This koi’s journey was only just beginning...


[The viewer’s screen fades to black.]

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Not a bad post at all rookie, but I think you should be using this stuff for shows now that you're on it, which in a way reading it, I think you wrote it for a show, but obviously posted in the wrong forum, you need to post it in the ambition submission thread. I guess this is just a another preview of what we should expect from you on the show though


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