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Wrestlution 6!!


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 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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Our Hero: uploadafraud.com

Jookie: fuck u boricua


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A Hostile Point Of View!




Moving forward to the RD Money video. Some good work here. I appreciate the effort more than anything. The editing could have been done a little better and the flow coulda been smoother but anyone can only do so much. Good job for the most part. I wasn't expecting something like that to happen to RD at all. Whats with all the rookie hate on legends? shah




Out of all these people in the match, I am most looking forward to see if Illuminati can win. I like his caw more than probably any other caw in OCW. Plus, being the only member of Lotus in the match, its a good time to prove some dominance amongst the rookies in the big show.


So I noticed there was a good deal of lag in this match.. That off the bat means that the match isn't gonna be top notch. I was actually really disappointed with this match.. Granted with 6 guys in the ring shit happens but it seemed like it was grand theft moves auto 6 in there. Its obvious when its on purpose and not on purpose. I think its stupid when people don't let the other hit a flying move off the top by grabbing the grounded opponent while the attacker is in mid air. Thats not realistic to me. If you wanna stop the move attack the guy on the ropes. As for everything else it works if your teaming up on someone but if two guys are duking it out and one knocks the other down and you grapple the grounded guy before the other one can just to steal the move its gay.


Overall: ***** 3/5 Stars


I mark so much for the DJack Rp. I hope that the pirate finds himself and goes on another hiatus in O.C.W. Look out for any gentlemen wearing a facepaint mask and pirate attire.




KD's RP was also really good. I'm glad he picked it up. The writing in this seemed to flow a lot better and have good emotion to it. Way to improve sir.




Basically I'm sure everyone knew the ending to this match before it even started. The way KD was playing lately the match should have been done at 10 minutes. Jookie did a good job of fighting back the best he could but the whole match KD was just toying with him. This match gives me a vibe of Cody Rhodes vs Batista sorta. Thumbs up if you had to turn the music off tho? lol


Overall: ***** 3 1/2 out of 5. They get the extra half for the work in the feud.



Dane $ Xavier: Get out of my way! MOVE! Don't you know who I am? Finally the richest asshole in O.C.W. comes out of his cave with some rage! After weeks of Dane being a passive little bitch he rages! Woooo! hahaha Sorry Dane, don't be mad at me. This line mad me happy. Dane's personality has easily been my favourite and pulls for a great heel. I turned my head a little when Rockstar got away with the smack talk. BUT DANE STILL LETS HIM SLIP.. WTF!?!?!?! haha Great fuckin RP. Loved it!




Matsuda's RP is strong and has some good lines in it. He did a pretty good job. I think "devil" is a little.. cliche and generic but to each his own.




Voting for DJack all the way. After that RP I hope he wins. Too bad there aren't swords as weapons around the ring. The match starts off pretty smoothly im impressed so far. Usually triple threats are hard to work with the whole 3rd wheel effect. I LOL at Rockstars failed apron springboard. I DIDNT like the top rope attempt at all. That was a dumb choice.. Congrats to Judas winning OCW Ex!


Overall: ***** 3/5 Stars. A STRONG 3/5 stars.


My dear friend and ally lmao. I like the tiger man and dimsmore rp. The way i read it in my mind was funny.


DJones attack was good. The Scaggs and Poling afterthought was great for it too.


Ryders RP is really good as well. The first time he hasnt used Scaggs Poling in a while. I cant wait to see who the new official is haha




In Dupree's piece I love that he used the line "… wrestlings version of a weapon of mass destruction." that put the whole piece over in my mind. This match sounds like its going to be one of the best matches of the evening.




Its obvious that this match is a preview of the future Ex Division competitors of OCW. A great match so far really and I am pleased with it. Right now I don't know who will win. I want to see both of them win but thats not possible. I mark for tiberius's attire. Its really Wrestlution worthy. Great job.


Please put name plates on entrance xD But after the entrance scene cuts back to the match the top of the cell is half broke and matsuda is seen falling off. I don't know if its poor editing or this happens when the camera is on that person.


Matsuda does a running move to dupree on the top of the cell and then does 3 taunts giving him his sig.. ehhh not a fan of that many taunts in a row… specially in a row to get your signature. Then hit another running move. 3 within a minute is much.

So this match was amazing up until the 11th minute.. It would have been the first four star match of the night if it wasn't for the editing not really making much sense with the match in the end.


Overall: ***** 3/5 Stars


The video for smythe is good and creative. He should change his nickname from the epic to the most.


I find Arnauds showing off RP really unnecessary.. Specially at Wrestlution.. I would understand this at Ambition or Riot but not at Wrestlution. I get this idea based off what I see at wrestlemania, whether its wrong or right. You never see superstars showboating the same night at wrestlemania. I'm sure someone may say but this is wrestlution and ocw not wwe.. i still have my opinions on it and you wont change that.




Spoon making a surprise appearance is cool. Adds to the hype of Wrestlution.




I knew there was a catch to that 3rd referee. I've been saying it since the original dropped out. But its good. I'm happy that it turned out this way and not just 3 referee's. The fact that its Sideshow makes it 90 times hilarious. I hope Chris loses. After an ass kicking around the ring I'm proud to say that he does. Go Referee's! Great little story line done by Ryder.


Overall: ***** 4/5 Stars!


Trevor and Dane but heads in the next rp following building hype for the title match later in the evening. Dane's attempt at persuading trevor to team up doesn't seem to have worked but based on the non-responsive trevor im gonna guess it has in a slight way.


I don't know who this is without the name plate.. Turnes out to be Gaines! What a surprise Gaines comming out and giving a speech is great. Getting interrupted by Poe. Poe stunning gaines is pretty epic haha Maybe a return?


Fausto: Go ahead, continue crushing my soul.

That was great haha Reminds me of Due Date or The Other Guys. Good RP. I like Fausto's personality.




What the fuck is that? A guy jacking off in the background? The music fits Crowe well the intro not so much.. So far this match is smoothe. LOL and DJones fail at corner splash and Crowe swinging for the fences with the sledgehammer. I honestly see Crowe winning this match. I just have the feeling he is. But of course I'm rooting for Storm to win cuz he's my tag partner


Storm landing on his feet after Crowes ally oop powerbomb was slick. Storm 2-0 in payperview ladder matches is interesting. I think he might have his signature match here.


Overall: ***** 4/5 Stars




Starting this page with a Mayhem RP. Lots of "Ov's" going around lately. Ov Terror reference? Maybe haha Good RP. I like the eery feel I get when reading Mayhems RP's always capturing.




This is the shortest match on the card. Suitable but probably should have been placed before FI and the Ex Division Triple Threat. LSD's entrance song is.. annoying.. Sorry.. Da da daaa dad dadadad daaaa


The match turned out to be really good. I was in the whole way and it was well fought by both guys. Congrats Dale.




Hype video is amazing. Love the song on it for the countup on Leon's portion. Leon 5-0 at lotion is great! It would be so cool if he was 6-0 from the start. Maybe Jay should just alter the records xD This match was an all out battle. Such a great match. For Leon to prevail I give him props. I like the ending and Pato low blowing Leon too.


Overall: ***** 4/5 Stars! Solid!


Next we go back to the same RP as earlier with dane and trevor.

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