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I left out the part bout grainy as fuck wrestlers and caws.

 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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Haven't listened yet, but I thought the grainy Wrestlers and CAWs was exclusive to PS3. Don't make no damn since that they rushed this game.


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Smackdown 1 > SvR(all)



In terms of create a wrestler. I believe they removed the transparency option which is a HORRIBLE thing to do.



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sorry but svr 11 sucks.


i know you guys want it to be good but seriously it sucks.


new grapple system sucks

no blood online

same caw creation for the last 4 years

physics engine actual is a glitch fest

match creation is a bogus P.o.S

the character models suck Snuka, SCSA, HBK all look like shit

You can not tell me that people will not spam reversals cuz of ethics... spamming will reverse a shit ton of the weak grapple chains, it sucks. seriously you need to get a guy groggy to do high impact damage moves... so pick ups need to be allowed otherwise reversal will stop 80% of attempts. and in the weak grapple situation you can spam reverse and you will see how shitty it is.


HIAC is the same old dumbshit as before but now you have to do a specific move or whatever to brake the cage open.... problem is the SVR physics are so bad it's a crap shoot if you can get the opponent to be in the right position to break the cell. Also weapons in HIAC is a joke... you can't leave the ring are with them... you can go outside with them... you can not go on top with them... BULLSHIT! is 2011... weapons were on top of the cage in wwf attitdue are (Foley vs Undertaker)... yet we cant in svr 2011???


Hey jay your impressed with caw cuz you obviously didn't use it last year. Everything you said you were happy about were in last years. which goes to show they rehash this shit year after year. Also you can make silver surfer??? really that is what you dig about it? come on..... the same hair same tattoos same designs we have had for the past 4-5 years.... SVR is like madden now rehash every year and steal your money....



I'm sorry but this game is a huge let down.


THQ needs to allow photo game face. It works great on ea mma.


Look at EA mma and look at SVR just the graphics alone show you how dated SVR looks now. They are different games but the "LOOK" graphics are so nice in EA MMA compared to this shitty plastic toy svr look with no atmosphere


Look at nba 2k11 you want to recreate the feel of watching wwe on tv? sorry thq you are miles off... NBA 2k11 captured what a sports game can do with presentation, detail, ect ect ect to re-create the experience you see on tv... is 2011 if a game can not capture this now im sorry you are not worth 65 bucks.


the game feels stiff there is no impact on the slams, half the time the moves feel weightless and the anims are lifeless.


god damn this shit sucks!

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Create a wrestler lacks transparency which sucks for hardcore creators and if your in OCW then your a hardcore Caw Creator. The colors do seem to be bold and items seem to lack that texture with some colors when applied.



The move sets fucking suck ok, yea there are a lot of positions but they broke down the animations in the game to allow more positions in 2011 this isnt good unless they do things with them and add the moves etc etc


The grappling is ass backwards, and when i talk about grapples i talk about those 4 groggy and 16 chain grapples mainly.


I rather have 4 quick grabs and 16 strong grapple moves. a MAJORITY OF THIS IS DUE TO THE LACK OF CHAIN MOVES. If you like to base your moves off of what you look like and you weight class you will be sorely disappointed as they are extremely limited and nothing you pick will be original on our roster.


The 4 Strong groggy slams you have 4 to choose from so you have o pick very selectively. Even when it comes down to knowing what you want you will find that some of those moves are gone. A majority of powerbombs are out



they took out 40% of the moves which is asinine. No vionic elbow, no camel clutch slam, no clotheslines, no brock clothesline, Kane strikes in the corner, undertaker grapple strike, several powerbombs, body presses, are gone, some corner strikes and grapples all gone.





Half of this is to make room for the physics, and yet while some things are glitched I can let me mind go on that but it really doesnt hold to much ground for me unless OCW turns and goes RoH ECW style. SO normal matches dont seem as fun with ow limited the moves are regardless of the positions which in fact there are many the plethora moves are not there.





The matches will look rather boring in my eyes and from a player standpoint

Reversing, i really dont have words to describe. Some people that would just have a hard time will miraculously be able to reverse more which Jay only touched on with no suggestion of solution.


I'm sorry but I have a large misantropia toward a lot of gamers. For those who dont know Misantropia means mis trust for mankind. Thats right i don trust half of you as far as i can throw you to keep it real with the reversing and not spam the fuck out of the trigger. '



People in the UK and Europe will soon find out, sense you dont have the game i dont expect you to understand, but for ALL OF US who were on 2010 and actually enjoying the game will be disappointed in 2011.


And yes Jay I do have to say if you played 2010 you probably wouldnt like 2011, but you didnt so this is your OA of the game is good in your eyes.



This is my review and i've played every SvR game to hit shelves and yes that one year you missed 2010 ad a lo of shit in it that is good, you dont have to like it but i'm pointing out whats wrong and why hold back on THQ anymore.


Yea, I've been here for years, so i think my words have a weight to them at times. I'm a bit disgruntle, because I amongst others are providing the entertainment and are the ones who have to play the games even if they are shit because we enjoy the efedding experience but if the game doesnt provide a good experience for the EFed you have to speak up. It's not WM21 horrid but it's pretty fucking awful. If they kept everything about 2010 and added the physics it would be great but they made sacrifices and bad ones.


Would I want to stay to 2010, fuck yes. What would I do with 2011? Use it for video RPing sick bumps etc. Would I live if we move on to 2011 yea but i seriously would not enjoy the experience the game provides enough to weigh with the people i have to play against.



The physics dont make his game worth it, and the reversing ruins a majority of he game play experience and there is no real way to regulate Reversal spamming.


because in the end who wants to hold gold, who wants to lose to Jaysin who never plays SvR, who wants to lose to D-Jack, Who wants to lose to the new guy who you cant remember his name/gamertag. People are going to bend anything we slap on it for regulating and if you say its not going to happen or you wont be doing it, your a liar. It's going to happen you will be guilty of hitting the reversal button more than once.



Now Yes i'll be here to try and come up with these solutions with the community to make OCW strive, but this year will no be a easy season for us. It will not be a easy season for me as Mayhem. Won't be easy for jacob Trance, I doubt any old schoolers will return for this game. We will have to recruit to make up for any one who decides to take breaks for RL or just because they dont like the game because that type of stuff happens every year like Leon leaving, Valmont going away being banned and coming back etc etc.


Shit happens



We will move on to 2011 because we need people and like RD said, we have to stay with the times, OCW has to stay with the times.


But I would like people to open their eyes and be honest about what goes on during gameplay and the situations that are created when moving on to a questionable game.


to speak up and have a voice and go with he flow not meaning trying to stop change but you are a part of the community and you do have a voice.


We all need to listen, from lower ranked guys to hard headed Trance to staff and even Jaysin. We have been decent about it but we really need to open up the doors of suggestion.


Sry to some but we will need rules and regulations, new rules will be made. Some for better some because assholes cant be trusted to do the right thing.


You dont have to like what I'm saying, you don't have to like me, but I have been here longer than you all and I will remain here to see you fuckers come and go as I have. Most of all because OCW does change and I came from a place where you had two buttons to reverse, i came from a place OCW had no rules, no holds bared, Barely any rules got implemented, were you think the weak at heart cant survive is were you found your video gaming soul grinding in between my teeth as i spit you out on a silver platter in front of Jaysin and Geomon.


I changed with the fucking times and if your saying you cant be as badass as you want to be because a few changes and rules, there's the fucking door.


But there is going to be change and there will be rules. Because some of you wouldnt last from the likes of which Mayhem was born in OCW. I am fucking father time, I want to see this place make it past 2011 on to a better game in hopes. I am going to do my part but people need to be honest on all aspects on what they have experienced gameplay with other players, what their expectations are of the game, ways they would use A,B,&C.


I've been here at this changing point more than anyone, this change over wont be easy, you wont like certain things, just build a bridge and get the fuck over it.


I tell you I wont be enjoying i anymore than the rest of you.



This is my last rant you'll hear on my Overall about 2011 and the change over for OCW.


It's said. Deal with it.

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to speak up and have a voice and go with he flow not meaning trying to stop change but you are a part of the community and you do have a voice.




Sorry Mayhem, but as you proved at the start of our conversation on AIM last night, if people speak up or suggest something, in OCW's current climate, it's seen as 'bitching and crying'


This is what puts people off..you asked for feedback on your stats you posted last night, people posted feedback..they got shot down and torn apart. Then others jumped on the bandwagon and joined in.


I personally think there needs to be a change in FPR personel, I'd actually like to see Leon or Guy on there, as they are more level headed and open to 'suggestions' without immediatly thinking people are bitching and moaning.


Oh yeah...and 2011 isnt as bad as people are making out, I already prefer it to 2010.


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