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  1. We could talk all week about whats wrong with the game...pretty sure Jay wants more show discussion..haha
  2. Defeats every defense of the game or good example you try to make :d
  3. That was when the chain grapple was broken :d the reversal window was like infinite, you could just spam reverse
  4. No idea what CSGO is, counter strike? i'm more talking about fighting games, competitive fighting games, which is what this essentially is..yet you have to LET yourself get hit so you don't penalise yourself for being too good at reversing...completely fuck tard logic.
  5. 'tactically use them'...lmao....you mean 'let people hit you so you don't run out of reversals'......so, so sad that they have to cap defensive skill so people can catch up. This is by far the worst game in years, built purely to reward 'pick up and play' people. Sure the 'better' players are always going top still be slightly better, but the game has closed the gap, the people haven't improved. In what other game do you get rewarded for getting your ass beat? I can whoop you for 10 minutes and you still get a sig/fin....pity charisma :d
  6. Caught a few bits on the live stream last night, got the end of Drago vs Leon, ALWAYS nice to see Leon lose at a big show. Kass vs KD was decent, the canadian destroyer animation looks shitty at best and looks god awful when it's done to someone of KD's size, good match though, KD's kickout game was mad strong in this match,some strange FPR in there at times as I saw a lot of 'pick up,punch punch punch punch punch'..looked like a controller had got stuck or something. Mugen vs Trash was a little long, a little ridiculous but a stroke of creative genius and should get it's own award, and was incredible to watch, to anyone who isn't a O C Dubber that just stumbled across that match wouldn't have a clue what was going on. My favourite OCW superstar of all time is Ma'jin, that's no secret, but the GOAT is Nate, always has been, always will be, he's the Mike Jordan of OCW, classy both on and off the sticks and I appreciate the opportunity for the last dance with a man of his calibre. Just wish we could have given you guys a better hype/build but this participation era game murdered my passion for creating stories and wrestling games. massive props to you guys for sticking at this clunk fucky cluster fuck of a game, worst hit detection I've ever seen in any game. If 2k decide to make games for adults again and stop protecting weak players so 'everyone has fun' the Blackbeard character may sail again one day..until then Parker will sit in retirement smoking fat cigars and hating Jay from afar. Turned the stream off when B17 entered.
  7. It's usually Pugh that shits on rookies from he jump, most of us atleast give them a few weeks before we place our dicks on their shoulder :p Congrats Denny, major accomplishment, even with the shenanigans, Nate hit that level long ago where his legacy can never be tarnished no matter what happens, and he improves situations just by showing up. Was a great match to watch. In other news from the earlier matches, people need to know when to stay down, getting the comeback win after eating crow for 30 minutes is nothing special and lowers your value. And that masked guy is awful. TETS!
  8. Enjoyed the shit outta Dupree vs Nate, the music gave it a real gladiator vs gladiator feel. Had no idea who was gonna win, but Nate's kickouts were on point, don't think I saw him miss the bar once. Gonna watch others now....
  9. You have no idea how much I thought that was Majin and Casey.....marked so hard....to be disappointed SOOOOOO badly. Well played.
  10. 'Beat a title reign that only you and Parker care about'....... I must correct you there G son, Parker didn't care either, because Parker doesn't recognise Dennis' reign as cannon, due to it being against dog shit opponents on an inferior system. Dennis set his own record on a show where he can beat 98% of the roster with one hand, but if he wants to bang that drum it's up to him ��. When Denny beats 20 people in Hardcore matches then we can talk. All the best.
  11. That's how they got the Workd title off me, doesn't devalue it at all, it's what the NEXT champ does with it that will decide if it's devalued or not :)
  12. KD vs Mo Cream? Why do we have Xbox one matches on Turmoil now? Surely there's plenty more on the ps4 side that could fight? Otherwise why did I waste my money on a ps4 console when we can just fucking use xbox one?
  13. I thought Crowe was returning at the start of the TV title match when that music hit :p I was genuinely like 'wait..what? did he add something?'..ahahahah
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