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A sitdown with Nathan Gaines

Nathan Gaines

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Hoboken, New Jersey- As reported earlier Nathan Gaines returned home from an extensive hospital stay in attempt to rehabilitate after a seriousness neck and spin injury related to the stunner he received at Wrestlution VI. Stacy Clark was able to secure an interview with Gaines inside of his home in Hoboken, New Jersey.


Clark: First of all thank you for opening up your home to us.


Gaines: My pleasure Stacy. I've always had a respect for you as a reporter and I feel this is the best way to address any remaining Nathan Gaines' fans that are considered about my condition


Clark: Speaking of such, it was revealed that you underwent a litany of tests to determine the cause of the numbness you felt in your arms and legs as a result of the assault at the hands of LOTUS member Wesley Adams Poe


Gaines: Yes, luckily the numbness in the arms went away after a day but it was the legs that were a concern to both me and the doctors. The determined that it was a related to the neck and spin injuries I've suffered during my career. Either way I hope to be able to move around without the use of the arm canes in the next month or so. It's tough for an athlete who should be in their physical prime and I can barely move around on my own. It's frustating, embarassing, and tough to deal with.


Clark: It was shown today on an exclusive OCW: Day in the Life feature that you took in Poe's wife and adopted son after he went to jail. Is this true and what was the reason?


Gaines: It was the right thing to do. I knew Poe and his wife when Poe had just come up through the ranks and from his time working with my friend Steve Jones. When Poe had gone to jail I felt a responsibility to help out. It's a code amongst the guys in the back that we take care of our own. I wasn't looking for publicity or praise I was just trying to do the right thing. Hell Recon did the same for me Jeni and my boy Matty early on when we were having financial struggles.


Clark: If that's the case what was revealed inside of the envelope that Poe dropped in your mailbox?


Gaines: I don't want to say as it's a personal matter, but I will tell you this if Poe ever attempts to come to my house, with something that has nothing to do with our jobs, our livelihoods and put my family in harms way, he's got another thing coming.


Clark: What do you mean?


Gaines: This has nothing to do with our business. Nothing to do with moving up the ranks or working with one another. This is personal and in our business personal never ends up well. I'm retired I've moved on from the business but Poe is working on settling a personal debt that has nothing to do with anyone but with me and him. Don't bring the fight to my doorstep.


Clark: With that said Tiberus Dupree also seems to have a vendetta against Poe and LOTUS. What are your thoughts on that?


Gaines: Look this business is all about new guys stepping up and taking the ball and running with it. For the longest time I was the one who tried to fight the wrong, to "never die" and fight tooth and nail to make sure people new that there was no shame in fighting and loosing but there's no honor in not fighting at all. I can't do it anymore. My body, old and feable has betrayed me but I know that Dupree will fight this battle. He's an amazing talent, who will pick up where I left off and sore to heights I never could have reached.


Clark: And your thoughts on LOTUS?


Gaines: These guys are the real deal. Adapt or Die right? LOTUS LAW. The truth is this, I come from an Old School style that says you earn your keep and you never back down. These guys might be able to bribe and beat guys into submission but you sure as hell make a ton of enemies along the way. Every monster or powerful force has a weakness, an opening that shows that they will be ripe for the picking. They don't show that right now but like any predator, there will be someone who will strike at the right time. Blunt force is a powerful tool but the tricks of the mind can topple any Golieth. Poe and Leon and any of LOTUS shouldn't mess with a target that they don't understand. Whether that be Dupree, Dinsmore, me or even Mayhem, they will see the end of their reign.


**Gaines begins to slowly rise from his chair struggling to stand. Stacy Clark goes to help Gaines but he shakes her off. Standing holding himself up with the use of his chair, to hold his weight Gaines looks directly into the camera**


Gaines: You're messing with someone who busted open his brother in law. A man who speared his own mentor and father figure off of a scaffold. I may be the underdog, but I'm also the Pyschological Predator. This goes for Poe, Leon or any one else who attemps to come near my family and the one's I care about. I will get better, I will walk again, and as long as I'm walking and breathing......Nathan Gaines will not die!!!!

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This was excellent, for some reason i felt inspired after reading this. Great job Gaines, the Goliath line was classic.

"You either die a hero or live long enough to become Nate Ortiz" - Drago Cesar


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Gaines and Recon always write good RPs. You dont know if they should be considered wrestling related, or on General Hospital.
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