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Let the games begin

Nathan Gaines

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**The Scene opens up in a rainy night time setting at a small cabin in the woods. The setting is rather basic, with a small porch in front of the ranch style house. The lightning and thunder in the background add to the trepidation and unease of the situation. In the foreground of the camera shot, we see an SUV pull up right in front of the stairs of the house. A man wearing a blacktrench coat holding a cane steps out of the driver's seat with an umbrella. He slowly moves to the passenger's side back door, and open's it up. Out steps a woman and a young boy. The man holding the umbrella helps both the woman and boy up the stairs keeping them dry as the rain continually beats down. Standing underneath the safety of the small overhang in front of the door the camera starts to zoom in. As the umbrella is drawn down, we see the main in the trenchcoat is none other than Nathan Gaines. The woman and child are that of Wesley Adams Poe. Gaines places the umbrella on the outside of the door frame and then reaches into the pocket of the trenchcoat**


Gaines: Here are the keys. Trust me you are going to be safe here.


Annabell: You've done so much for us how did you even afford this property.


Gaines: Annabell you and the boy are family now. Jeni and I were able to scrape together a little extra and Recon helped as well by passing a long a few bonds that had bought in order to start little Matty's college fund. We also had an "outside" contributor.


Gaines: Also don't worry about Wesley. After he stopped by the house I knew that we needed to move you two. I made a vow to keep you safe after you guys fell on rough times, and now that Wesley is out and unstable, I'm not putting you guys in harms way. If you need anything you have the landline phone. Avoid using your cellphone because Wesley may be able to track it. We gave you a little extra money wise to support you guys with food and various other goods, but if you need more you let us know.


Annabell: Oh Nathan thank you so much. One day I will repay you and Jeni. You've both been so good to us. It's just I can't trust Wesley around our son. I know he loves him but you know how unstable Wesley is. He just snaps and I know I can take it but....


**Gaines places his hand on Annabell's shoulder and pulls her close**


Gaines: NO ONE should have to "take" the physical outlash of their spouse. I promise you that you will be safe here, and if he comes close.....well I'll make sure he won't


**With that Annabell hugs Nathan and carries her son into the house. Gaines watches the young family walk in and shut the door before he begins his walk down the stairs presumably back to the car. However, with the support of the cane, Nathan bypasses the car walks out into the middle of the long drive way leading back to the main road. With the rain falling soaking Nathan, he slicks back his long black hair. Gaines looks up to the sky as the lightning strikes. He then looks back into the camera. **


Gaines: Let the mind games begin.............

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LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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Always enjoy your stuff, especially since it gives me background on Poe lol

"You either die a hero or live long enough to become Nate Ortiz" - Drago Cesar


"Let me make myself clear: you work for me. If I tell you to fight Blaine, you fight Blaine. Hell, if I tell you to fight a lion, you WILL fight a lion and still thank me afterwards for giving you a job." - Mr. Sensation

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