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End Games....Mind Games

Nathan Gaines

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**The Scene opens up at a small bungalow on a beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. The hut is rather basic and seems to not be the picturesque beach resort, but one cannot argue with the location; a private beach steps from the tide line. Distinct features of the property show a large flag pole on the far rightside of the house proudly displaying old glory. The roofing of the house is thatch-laced straw on top of basic shingle style. Also there is an old military style Jeep Wrangler, parked on a dirt road driveway. Nathan Gaines appears in the shot in a white loose-fitting button down shirt, and khaki cargo shorts. He's barefoot and is holding a Corona in one hand while smoking a cigar. After walking up from the far left of the shot, he heads up the four steps leading up to a porch facing the water. On the porch is another man sitting in a rocking chair. He too is smoking a cigar. The camera switches angles, and comes in right behind the man in the rocking chair. Gaines sits across from the other man and places his beer down. He lets out a puff of the cigar, and puts it out in the ashtray.**


Gaines: Fancy place you got here....retirement is definitely treating you well


Man: Financially savy my boy. Retirement is all about relaxing. Face it we're on the road 350 days out of the year. It's only right that we spend our next life treating our bodies right after years of abuse.


Gaines: The seclusion doesn't get to you?


Man: Get to me? I relish in it. Years on the road surrounded by the boys in the back and bombarded my fans, years in the military with your special ops team constantly at your side. You learn to enjoy the peace and quiet that this villa here affords. Let's be honest you didn't come here for the peace and quiet my friend. You came here for something else


Gaines: You've always known my true intensions. I need a favor. One that only you have the necessary connections to pull off. Before I say what it is I need to know if you're in. I'll be honest with you, this is going to get messy. Instead of sitting back and waiting for a storm to form, I'm preparing to bring clouds together.


**The Camera only showing the mystery man from behind, shows the large puff of smoke coming from his cigar. He then ashes out his cigar in a silver plated OCW Hall of Fame ashtray. The Camera spins around and out of the shadow appears Hall of Famer Recon**


Recon: Prepare for War!

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