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*FiXxXeR is seen pulling into the parking lot of OCW headquarters on his custom chopper. The camera stays glued to him as he removes his helmet, and steps off his blood red two wheeled terror. Written on the tank in flamed lettering "hell on wheels"*


FiXxXeR: I see this place has gone to crap since the last time I was here.


Cameraman: Everyone wants to know what brings you to this neck of the woods.


FiXxXeR: Get that thing outta my face. If I wanted to do an interview I would've asked for you guys to follow me.


*FiXxXeR pauses for a moment and waves the cameraman back over*


FiXxXeR: I guess I will at least make your efforts worth something to you. I've seen how the EX-Division has taken a full on faceplant Owen Heart style. It sickens me to see something I built. Something I pioneered destroyed by a bunch of wannabe little punks. The only way I see it being brought back to life is if someone who actually knows what it takes to hold that title is the one bringing it back to life.


*FiXxXeR pushes the camera out of his face, and is seen walking into the doors of OCW Headquarters as the camera fades to black*

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Hahahaha you would be Falcon Kicked my friend. Just ask Dupree xD The only thing is, if you were to ever get jumped by a heavyweight I would help you because you are an Ex Division guy, my own blood. So its easy enough to join me.
You don't mean anything. You're insignificant and you will never know what hate is.
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