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"It isn't over."

Vincent Valmont

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"This is an address to all within OCW, and our beloved fans. Alot has happened over past weeks, including a new tournament to crown a new OCW champion in which the contestants have been drawn! However this is not the matters at hand that needs addressing. Instead it's the return... or should I say the brief stint that Valmont pulled couple weeks back after McManus vs Hostile on Riot's main event. Now we here at OCWFED.COM are quite aware of the quick popularity, and interest from all type of people for Valmont's video. From OCW fans, to current, and past OCW wrestlers had to either comment or watch that video.


"Much to the dismay of Mr. Valmont we're still standing by our statements that we DO NOT condone any actions or opinions expressed in his video. Mr. Valmont should know that these videos will not get his old job back. Even IF it was that easy... although we have felt that the small spark of interest generated of his video last week that we're actually going to allow this second video that Mr. Valmont has sent in following last week's Riot.


"In regards to this new video we can say we have took the proper cautions, and steps in reaction to these videos Mr. Valmont keeps sending in to us. We decided to wait much longer to post this video instead of the first time due to the length of this video, and some of the things shown that wasn't given permission to Valmont. So we finally decided to post the video just because the interest enough in the video proves it doesn't hurt our media image, or ratings. With that being said it's still our duty to represent the OCW brand at it's very highest form of professionalism. Mr. Valmont is still doesn't have a contract with OCW, and therefore is still an ex-employee."


Those was the latest comments just released on OCWFED.COM from head of OCW's marketing team, Mr. Jerry Roberts. It has been rumored that Vincent Valmont has over these last few weeks been trying to contact Mr. Sensation in regards to contract talks. No rumored phone call has yet been made, or answered by Mr. Sensation. Although we can't reach Mr. Sensation for comment at this time, we're quite aware of what Vincent Valmont wants. Whether or not he deserve such a second chance is only a decision that can be made by the highest of powers within OCW.





Video static is shown, and heard. After static fades away the video begins showing the same living room set. The date on the top right of the camera is showing 7/21/11, 12:45 am. The living room is lightened up by the flatscreen t.v that is paused on what appears to be Riot. Vincent walks into the camera wearing casual shorts, black tank top, and is once again clapping at the t.v. He walks out of the frame for a moment then slowly walks back in front of the camera as he sits down on the leather couch that's straight across from the t.v.


Vincent unpauses the t.v as he watches Riot. From the looks of the t.v it seems he paused the t.v while watching it live as he flicks off the t.v as end credits begin to roll after the surprise return, and brawl at end of Riot. Vincent seems a bit annoyed as if something bothers him. By the facial expressions given he walks off once again rubbing his hands through his shaved head. He walks back into frame with a glass cup, and three ice cubes. He pulls a liquor bottle from out of frame, and places it next to the glass cup. He opens, and pours a drink. After taking a drink of the liquor, he coughs, and begins walking over toward his t.v.


After searching, Vincent finds a dvd case in which is enititled Road 2 Glory 09' on the front case. He pops a disc out of the case, and places it inside his dvd player. He switched t.v off of Riot, and onto the dvd player. After some seconds pass, the dvd plays. A quick logo flashes reading OCW's Road 2 Glory. The opening show's pyro, and fireworks are going off as the crowd seems more amped than today's crowds. Vincent fast forwards until a hype video is shown. He pauses the t.v, and walks away briefly. When he returns he has one of his OCW titles that he won, and took out of his glass showcase. He smirks as he holds the OCW title on his shoulder, and staring at the camera.


Valmont: "If some of you're wondering why is this man holding a OCW title over his shoulder? When myself is not a current employee of the OCW, and that there's no OCW champion in OCW yet. Well quite frankly I'm holding this title because I won it, and I can do what I please. Especially since I'm not an employee I don't have to worry about any of the consquences in doing this.

"Instead I'll let this title sit on my shoulder because it's where it should have been if it wasn't for Leon's screw job on me that led to him losing the title to Ryder in which lost the title to Mayhem, and after two wrestlelutions we're at this crossroads for OCW's future. I have no hard feelings about anything other than the fact that I still seem to create enough controversy within this company just to post this video. Now as I sit here, holding this title over my shoulder, and looking into this camera in which case I'm looking directly at all of you that's watching.


"Well look into these devilish green eyes... keep looking because this is what a champion looks like. If you don't think I'm just as hungry as those other eight... I'm sorry. {starts sarcastically laughing} I mean the other nine superstars in that tournament. If you think that then you'll be dead wrong. I may have had chances to win back that title, but I never could capitalize.


"I can blame myself, but I rather not. I failed, and I know I did. I'm not gonna sit here in self pity... pity is for the weak. I will NOT sit here, and tell all of you how regretful I am. I will NOT acknowledge that a contract signed for me to return in OCW is more likely to happen than Nate Ortiz coming out to fire Mr. Sensation on live Riot.


"However I'll be first to address to everyone in OCW that when I said I'm returning I do mean every word of it. Last week was my first official big welcomining back speech. Even if it wasn't inside of a OCW ring I will still find my way to get my message out. Now they say they're only letting these videos be posted, and viewed by all of you because 'for the hell of it' in better terms than what was displayed in those comments regarding me from the marketing team.


"So enough of myself because the time will return where I will sit atop of my kingdome. Until then I think I'll just go over some things about Riot I enjoyed. I enjoyed the fact someone returns straight into the tournament for the OCW title while I'm scratching, and fighting my way back into this business.


"Even IF I was put into that poll like I was I knew I wasn't gonna be chosen... now whether or not that was done for laughs, but the fact remains that some people voted for me really opened my eyes. It opens up eyes wide enough that Stevie Wonder would regain eye sight just to see that I'm not all too forgotten. That there's people out there that want to see ME back going after the only title that matters in OCW. The title that proves you're the best, and it really sickens me to know that Mayhem was stripped of his title.


"I was supposed to be the one to dethrone the monster. I never gotten my one on one chance, and it sickens me. I have beaten almost all that there was to beat, hall of famers, and champions. I have done everything I wanted to do, except prove I could beat Mayhem. That same sick feeling will never be replaced."


Vincent takes a big swallow of the last bit of liquor in his glass cup. He smirks as he places the OCW title down onto the table so the camera gets a good shot of it.


Valmont: "Hall of famers with epic battles, permanent scars, and years of history from great feuds. Blood, sweat, tears, and pain are all engraved onto that title. Just like myself, and the other before my time we all wanted the belt for one reason. When you're OCW champ there's an instant self power that you just embrace. You tell yourself you're unstoppable, and that you're the best. It's not lieing because with the OCW belt comes great responsibilities.


"I'm looking at that bracket knowing that OCW's future hangs in the balance of nine individuals, in which only two of them have previous OCW champship experience. It's a brave new world we're living in, myself just a spectator of the new world, and I'm quite interested to see the outcome of this tournament. I know I'm going to be having my interest very much involved with this tournament. I wish everyone good luck in their quest to become a first time OCW champion, and to guys like Trevor, or Leon."


Vincent gives a weird, and intimidating look into the camera as his facial expressions change. His eyes wander as if he's thinking of a million things. He takes a big drink of the bottle without pouring into his glass cup. He places the bottle back down onto table, and looks back over to the camera.


"Let's just say I'll be watching, and I just have one more thing to get off my chest. Mr. Sensation if you're watching... {waves at the camera} in case you happened to watch my video last week then I just want to add onto something I feel is important enough for me to say directly to you. Do you remember this time in OCW when you gave me my first OCW title shot? Against a frankenstein that you created. I remember it because it was the very last time that these fans cheered in me.


"I was even booed months later at Wrestlution 4 when I defended my hardcore title to Michael Morrison. He was cheered, I was booed. I didn't care until the fact I lost that match, and with that loss it led me to winning the future investment briefcase in the same night. The rest is history for another date, and time, but for now I'm going to end my little video on a past match of mine from a ppv none other than Road 2 Glory back from 2009. A champion reigned, and during that time nobody could come close to beating him in a singles match. He was labeled as 'someone who reverses your move before you even think of hitting it'. Nobody to that prior time even landed a single finisher against him. Nobody thought I was good enough... they didn't think I could hang in the same ring as Leonheart at that time.


"I wasn't taken seriously, and I proved just like I have with everything else that I don't back down. I prove all of you wrong, time, and time again. I made my career of proving people wrong. I will once again prove those jackoffs from the marketing team, and anyone else who thinks that Vincent Valmont won't get his hands on either that OCW title, or a OCW contract. Write this down, remember it, quote me on this later when I say I'll be back to claim my kingdom soon enough. I will take whatever measures needing to be taken, and I will prove to the whole world that I'm indeed a changed man... a changed man for the better sake of myself, and this business.


"Now I leave this to a simple goodbye, and enjoy the match. A piece of history was made, most underrated OCW title match ever, and it's the start of the era where Vincent Valmont became a name to remember!"




Vincent walks away from the camera as he unpauses the t.v. A hype video begins playing as Vincent walks away out of frame toward the glass walls. Looking out toward his mountain view from his glass walls as the ppv begins playing on his t.v. He walks back into camera frame, and continues drinking away from the bottle as the camera zooms in on the t.v.






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