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A Riot Boycott???

Smythe D. Wonder

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OCW insider caught up with the returning superstar Smythe Dawonder at his Toronto Mansion/loft/condo/super awseome place to live to ask him some personal questions. Most importantly why is he only showing up on Asylum and not on Riot.


Insider: Smythe thanks for doing the interview.


Smythe: You know I always have time for media. It's great to be back and to have you guys back at my door as usual looking for the inside scoop.


Insider: I'm gonna cut straight to what the people want to know. Smythe we know you just had a Son with your wife Sasha and your spending alot of time at home with your new family. But people are starting to say that you are "Boycotting" Riot and preferring to work weekends on the new and legendary Asylum program on Saturdays. What's the deal?


Smythe: That baby thing was supposed to be a secret. Thanks... I hate you reporter people. But the answer is simple. The Boss is nowhere to be found. So basically unless there's a reason for me to be at Riot, I most likely will take the week off.


Insider: Then why are you at Asylum every week? It seems like Treason that you'd abandon the very show that you claim.


Smythe: Riot will always be the house that Smythe Dawonder built. When I'm ready to come home it will be mine as it always was. But Asylum never treated me well. But last week I put Aries through a table... and this week!!!


Insider: What's happening this week???


Smythe: You'll have to watch to find out.

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