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What happen to Damien Kain...............

Damien Kain

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*The scene opens outside a place in Delaware, You can now see D.S.K Ink on the sign. ( used to be Young Bloodz Ink) New logo and new look to the building.


Rachel: Hey guys u know where he is right?


Camera Guy: Yes, Last Chair down.


Rachel: You Know it.


*Un like before there is nobody here just Damien and Desiree. Damien sitting into a chair with a towel over his head."


Damien: What do you guys want?


Desiree: I called them.


Damien: Why?


Desiree: Because its time for you to go back. You taken care of everything.


* After the last time you saw Damien when Lotus Law was running wild. Damien lost his 17 year old daugther in a tragic accident. It reallly changed his whole look on life*




Camera Guy: Your wife called us to come out. Mr. Kain Sorry about your loss.


Damien: Well its not really a loss when shes all around you. And don't say sorry again. I'm tired of hearing everyone say sorry.


*As the camera pans around there pics of Damien's Daugther everywhere.*


Camera Guy: Yeah looks that way.


Damien: How do you like the new look?


Camera Guy: Looks great.


Damien: Ok go ahead ask your questions. What do you want from me?


Desiree: Damien you know what they want, They wanna know whats going on in your life.


Damien: There are a few things maybe rejoining OCW or just staying here.


*As Damien wipes his forehead with a towel."


Desiree: I told you it was time to go back..


Damien: Damn it women!!! i may not wanna go back.


Camera Guy: Can you give us any details?


Damien: You will have to wait and see... I've been talking to a couple people from OCW that want me to come back.


Camera Guy: Come on Damien let know.


Damien: It takes time to find yourself again after something like this happens.


*Damien laughs points to his face, You see this face. I'm not even sure if this is me anymore."


Camera Guy: Why?


Damien: You lose apart of yourself that can never be fullied again.


Desiree: You can fill it with passion for what you love again.


Damien: One part of what i love was ripped away.


Camera Guy: Where very sorry Mr. Kain


* At this point Damien Grabs The Camera guy by the throat and starts walking towards the door. Desiree grabs the camera as it almost hits the floor.*


Desiree: Damien Stop it!!!


Damien : I warned him.......


* Damien still holding the camera man by the neck walks towards a large glass window. Desiree screaming in the back ground...... He picks the Camera man up With a chokeslam grip and tosses him out the window. Glass is flying everywhere.*


Damien: See i told you not to...See what you done....


* Damien grabs the camera and points it at the camera man and says you see whats going to happen if i do come back.......*


Damien: I can't control me any more...


"Scene fades to Black and a D.S.K Logo appears "

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