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OCWFED.com Exclusive: Pugh on The Clash


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This is an exclusive interview only for OCWFED.com. The scene opens as Pugh and Jim Black from OCW's broadcast team are backstage in Philly. This Weekend, Paul Pugh laces up his boots and appears on an OCW PPV for the first time in over 2 years.


Black: So Paul, this is it... Your big return. You've not appeared on Pay Per View since the Wrestlution 5 Preshow - nearly three years ago... are you nervous?


Pugh takes a look at Black, pulls in a massive breath and straighten's up his Brand New "Ego" T-Shirt (available at OCWSHOP.COM*)


Pugh: Nervous? No... the ring is my home... Why would I be nervous? You see Jim, I believe it's Valmont who should be nervous.


Black: You're certainly talking a big game, but do you really think you can defeat Valmont, especially in his current predicament - his whole career rests on the outcome of your match this Saturday.


Pugh: Listen here Jimmy... I didn't get the nickname "Kid Ego" for nothing... I'm supremely confident that Valmont will not beat me... Valmont will huff, and he will puff, but ultimately, it'll be Pugh who brings the house down.


Black: That doesn't really answer my...


Pugh interupts him


Pugh: It tells you everything you need to know Jim... My losing streak comes to an end tonight... and with it - so does Valmont's quest for a contract... It's that simple. This Weekend Jim and whoever else may be watching this... I start my climb to the top of the mountain. This weekend you learn why I'm Kid Ego - this weekend you sit back, you relax - you grab a beer and you invite your pals round - history will be made. Pugh will end Valmont's career in the most sensational return to pay per view until Chyna's next movie... You dig?


The scene fades as Pugh throws an incredibly intense look at the camera.

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