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  1. nice to see you finally made it back from work/the mall
  2. IDK how it didn't end up in the promo, but Bash's private image
  3. It's cute you think I read your content
  4. The intro could be the waterman AKA h2o AKA dirty Doc popping his cork because of the baby hairs
  5. Unfortunately we’re contractually obligated never to have a match in OCW again, so this will have to suffice
  6. Yes it's still processing, suck my ding. Watch in horror as SUPER FINISHERS SHIT THE BED
  7. They airlifted this man like he was Shamu. Excellent.
  8. this is such a bad faith argument. FPR is the grounding of ocw. If you objectively break rules, then claim you haven’t, then double down on that - people will be mad. It’s disrespectful to Emp, Jay, everyone. Own up, apologise, move on. Getting personal over this is wildly childish.
  9. calling out egregious FPR breaks is not the same as calling out characters you don’t like. Just floating that as an idea.
  10. Jynx vs Scooty X *** I don't know if I'll ever get onboard with Jynx's music. Turrble. But his vibe is fun, so it is what it is. Didn't like the attire, felt a little bit too far from his usual stuff, but it is what it is. Scooty's pyro is fucking tragic. UNDESERVED. Scotty really making his PPV debut this late is wild. Attire is ok, although Scotty is a dork. Looking past the FPR and the background noise issues, we had plenty of back and forth and that was pretty good to me. Didn't vibe with the match super hard, but nothing really offensive. Evil Sue Damn "I'm gonna speak really slowly for the dumb foreigner". Completing the heel turn, would've liked to have some of the angles mixed up a little because I got bored of watching the text (i have a short attention span sue me... Sue. Me.) but it's whatever. Job done, heel turned. Tag Hype video. Fucking hate this song for a hype video. So overdone, but whatever. I wish it would've told more of a story, and I wish it would've been a bit more HYPE. It wasn't, it was whatever, but least it exists. Tag Title Match ***½ Just... I don't get it. I know the reasoning is "OCW should be fun" but at least two of these teams have been engaged in a blood feud now they're texting to match outfits before the match (outfits of wrestlers that don't exist in OCW-world mind you). RIP immersion. Daft. Mass Effect, put some crowd noise on your entrance. Some decent work with the intros. Lots of chaos, some decent team work isolation. I would've loved this match to have ended when Idiots cleared the ring and the other two teams actually did their feud shit - it made all the sense in the world. Another one of those matches where my interest drifted just because there's too much going on, but that's a personal preference, I get it. I'm glad we finally got Ryvaughn and Chance getting at each other, it was threatened and never finished off a few weeks back. The more this match went on, the more it felt like a bad idea. I understand why the build was so haphazard now - they decided this match was happening weeks ago and then tried to work backwards to get to it. It's kinda a shame the result is what it is - it feels as though Derek has been a passenger for the whole feud, so I would've liked one of the fully engaged teams to come away with the W here. Didn't though. Very weird decision to have Ryvaughn get medical attention when we've just crowned new tag champions - spotlight should've been on them, but it wasn't. Could've easily swapped those two clips round and it would've made more sense, and not taken the shine. The post match was unhinged. Again - let the fucking champs get their shine, this could've been on weekly shows. Heather/Blaine Melodrama RP'er of the year takes aim at Blaine, and they're setting something up for THE FUTURE. Alright structurally, but not super exciting. Mechanically gets the feud moving Karmine Karmine is here and he's ready to FIGHT. Telos don't know nothing about hardship - and Karmine is sick of the self righteousness. Get out here Telos... oh no its no Telos. Weirdly, this A7X song has been used in OCW before, although there was much more reaction when that happened. Please please please, just download some crowd noise for your entrances. Omen really loves tables doesn't he? More DNS hijinx. I hope Karmine isn't dead. Reese vs C-Note ***½ This match had kinda a strange build, it wasn't bad but I'm not super pleased to be sitting down to watch it. Felt a little flat, because C-Note's promos were a bit rambly in places. Always interesting to see what version of C-Note we're getting, different one than I had on my bingo card. Anyway, Mark Reese is out and he's desperate to scorch my retinas with some of the more extreme colours I've ever seen in OCW. Good face stuff though. it felt like C-Note was broken in half very quickly, even though he didn't seem to take a lot of damage. Reese is a monster. C-Note is tossing Reese around like his chonk is inflatable. It feels like Reese is going to win this, but we've still got 4 minutes to go, so pull it out C-Note. C-Note pulling it out! Sig, knee, kicks the fuck out of Reese's nonsense. When C-Note popped the buckle cover off, i'd have liked to have seen something ROTTEN, but nah, just brought us to the end. Flojo's dumb move (for now). Last minute was hot, would've liked a touch more drama but its a good win. Reese can't catch a break. Bash and MDD Bash looks a bit more like a star now. I'm glad. He's left cheeto dust Bash firmly in the past with super Mario Bash. Probably didn't need the video honestly, because we rolled straight into the promo, but anyways. I really like the cult leader vibes of this. MD is starting to question things, Bash is talking to him like a child. DNS explosion on the horizon? Probably not but this drunk bastard might be outta here. Owen vs Sheldon Hype OK, starting with something. If you're gonna have captions on the screen, you need to have them for the words of the promo or the lyrics, you're asking the viewer to read 2 things simultaneously otherwise, and that's genuinely impossible. It was well put together, but I found it a bit rambly. Sheldon not having the nuts to tell sanctum was mentioned more than once, we get it, don't hammer home the same point. I also would've liked some reverb on the voices or something. It sounded like two fellas chatting on a twitch stream, rather than a HYPE FEST to get people into the match. Anyway, least it exists. Owen vs Sheldon Int Title ***¾ Shelly should be out second as Champion please and thank you. I also wish he had a proper tron and he wasn't wearing Dane Xavier's old jacket, but it is what it is. Owen's intro bores the life out of me, I would love the lights to just go dead and then "Mat Enforcer" and then suddenly here he is with some bigtime crowd noise. I get you're going for atmosphere but I don't think it hits right. It needs tweaks to get the vibe you're clearly after. Oh good we're actually getting the match this time, good start. I hope Shelly doesn't choke. He's looked shaky in the last few weeks. Lots of counters back and forth and some nice technicals. It felt as though they knew each other really well, which is great from a story POV. I would've loved if Owen would've carried on with the countout spot, broke the count, got back out, made Sheldon chase him. Just like that. Shelly is still looking shaky. Again, wish the ending wasn't so abrupt but match was pretty good overall. GnG promo Generic as fuck, but least Derek was in this one. No scene setting, no nothing. Just some meh words about being a fighting champion. OK cool. Horse vs Spider Hype NOT HYPE ENOUGH. Another rambly one. Like, it kinda told the story, but wrong song choice for me. Everything seems really downbeat and meh tonight. We can do better. We know how to do better! Edit it tighter, get a bit of momentum going in it and it'd make people wanna watch! Horse vs Spider ***½ AZN BEETSTICK MATCH. Spider almost had aura in his entrance. He didn't but he almost did. I was pleased he had the mask on, it's the only palatable version of Spider. It's hilarious they didn't even have to clear the red smoke between entrances. Really enjoyed it. I looked at the match length on this and thought "how the fuck did Spider spin it out this long" and now I know. The key is the longest entrances in the world. Horse is over. He's a silly bitch but he's over. Started exactly like I was expecting, Spider can't find his reverse button. Horse is a monster and this is the happiest I've been this whole show. Wish he would've died on the steps, Greg ruining our vibe. Fucking cunt. 2 stomps, ALL SHE WROTE. WHO PUT THIS IDIOT IN THE HALL OF FAME?!?! Jay's hopeful "he might just do it" was grand. Damn spider got a second wind, but Blacksmith doing what he does. World Championship incoming. Owen Owen time traveling to a 1980s sitcom where people answer their landline telephone by saying "Fraser Residence". Creative use of the allegedly restrictive Morrison Method here as Owen does lots of good stuff in the bold bits. Excellent. I always don't like past tense, but it's fine here as it's consistent. Although it's still happening now, not in the past, despite my silly joke at the start! KassCUM vs Storm Boyz **** Marriage of convenience time as Kass and Wrex turn up ready to fucking BRAWL. I hope that pyro catches the stupid water man on fire one of these days. Jake using Myriad properly made me happy. High quality start, Wrex is a monster, H2O stinks, some delightful tagging. Quartz beaning Kass and Wrex taking the chance was great, enjoyed it. Kass popping in with the coldest tag in OCW history. Jay's echo is something I invented and I want paying when he does it. Fucking stick of it. H2O is so smarmy, so easy to hate. Weirdly H2O is not losing his head against Kass, IDK why. I want to see him suffer. Wrex is a monster, I love watching him. His moveset is great, he works it really well. Can't be mad at a Wrex match ever. Would've loved a countout finish when they were all going wild on the outside. Wrex vs H2O portion where they're throwing finishers was wild, Kass stealing one. Great end to the match. Really fun. The "we hate each other" dynamic is great. Marisa Doesn't serve a match, it's ok to just say nothing if you ain't got nothing to say... Aisu vs B17 Hype. MORE SLOW MUSIC. FUCK SAKE. I would've cut the anni match much quicker, and focused more on Aisu vs B17, Doc isn't part of this! It picked up at the end, so I'm not mad at it, cutting in Jake losing his shit was great, but then... flat again. These are HYPE packages. HYPE! Watch some WWE ones, a variety of different ones, and see how to HYPE shit. Aisu vs B17 ****½ Mean Aisu entrance was fun. More of that red smoke BROTHER! Must be the only colour they sell north of the border. Crowd noise! JUST GIVE ME CROWD NOISE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. There was more than a small part of me that thought B17 was about to walk out to Toxic by Britney Spears. Completely possible given his penchant for Zombie. Aura here from both though, still no fucking crowd noise to speak of. Never strap an injury BROTHER! Not against Aisu! Counters, high level stuff, great movesets on both. Guess this is why they're at the top of the card. B explosive, Aisu trying to slow shit down but he ain't managing it yet. The targeting of the arms is probably the first dose of WRESTLING STORYTELLING we've had in the matches tonight (yes sometimes its the wrong arm, but sometimes its not). The build was doodoo pampers but I'm really enjoying the blow off. B17 dominating in the end here and AISU is on his way out. Aisu clicking into french 5 sta... whatever its called when AIsu does it territory. Great match. Aisu bad loser. Why is nobody coming out to help? Ripping and tearing! YES, WE HAVE CROWD REACTIONS NOW. THANK FUCK. Extra half star. Always Sunny in Scotia Bank We get it, you've seen always sunny. Geez. Keeps the stuff with Emp and Jay rumbling but geez and crackers can we at least have a different sitcom odd couple reference?
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