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Pugh Predicts: The Clash 2012


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Pugh Predicts: The Clash



I'm bored waiting for it, so I'm going to talk about what I think - The Clash is upon us, and I’m going to take it upon myself to hype the bugger… So who do I have for matches? What do I think will happen? What do YOU think will happen? Let’s speculate and accumulate people:



Bryan Lee vs Mez Murdock – The Battle of the finisher


Bryan Lee (me neither) goes up against one of the new breed of OCW wrestler (read: Big Black Guy). Having fought Mez, I’d hate to bet against him here. He’s vicious, as big as a house, and nearly half as charismatic as said house. I don’t know why they have to fight for the same finisher – logic dictates they both just get on with their lives and stop bickering… Oh well, Mez for the win


Ex Contender


Excitement! Rapists! Racial Stereotypes! It’s arguably the three most interesting gimmicks in OCW (arguably) and they’re all vying for the same spot. I don’t know how to call this either way but the fact that it’s slated to be a cage match means that, in my eyes at least, Matsuda could come out on top. Jookie is fresh off a win over the man who won’t fuck off, but I see him fading at the end – and DJack will definitely get pinned – he’s a sucker for oily minority flesh pressing him to the mat.


Pugh vs Valmont


Will be the match of the night and anyone who says otherwise is a faggot


Iceberg vs KD – No Black Rack.. Ruck?


So KD has had his wings clipped – they’ve stolen the ability to win via Sub from our beastly friend. Surely Iceberg, lord of all things street, will come out on top here? Probably not – just because KD can’t submit him, doesn’t mean he can’t kick his gold teeth down his throat. Mark my words, Berg will be lucky to walk after this slugfest.


Hostile vs Hazard: The Ex Title


The only champion ever to physically repel the title belt has to defend it against the most unpopular underdog in history. Luckily for Hazard, old man Sensation is all over him here, and I’m outlandishly claiming some sort of Philly screwjob. Expect Our Hero to turn up and push Hostile from the top of a ladder (or something remarkably similar). Hazard to win?


Leon vs somebody


The man who can’t be moved goes up against… Who the fuck knows. I do know one thing though, the fact he’s getting “Mystery opponent” billing means he’s some sort of pseudo legend… Is this the man behind the video that appeared on the site last week? Mania? Ortiz? The Steve? All I can say for certain is the winner won’t be wrestling.


Crowe vs Tibby


Crowe needs one win, Tibby needs… well I’ve only been back a month, so I have no idea. Can’t look past Crowe here, but I see some sort of Shenanigans occurring. Dane Xavier isn’t booked, and he loves nearly getting into the co main event… Maybe he’ll rear his balding scalp in this one?


Aries vs Pato


The shiniest man in the world takes on the big Samoan. Aries is jonesing for revenge here and on his day will beat ANYBODY. Therefore, if this is his day, he will beat Pato. Not that that matters, as this is clearly just another vessel for Leon to get himself involved… GOD LEON YOU’RE SO PREDICTABLE.



Also, I predict that the Logos, Posters and intro video will be the finest ever seen in an OCW event.

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