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The countdown has finished! WE ARE LIVE PAL - TWITCH.TV/OCWFED



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*Cameras open up with flares of light on the lens of the camera.


Shaded with the demise of the all mighty.*


*The median "Ghost" a acolyte of his lord Mayhem, at the throne of The Monster, The left and of God.*




Ghost: My lord, This inner peace can not last. The plastic crosses choke perspiring necks.


I've cast dices, but curtain of future is still hermetic closed.


Rise! Rise up my lord ad take action.


I know you burn with the black fire which purifies and melts all false sacrament.




Mayhem: Ashes are the power, equal to a thousands suns. The mysterious structures are like chaos of known objectivism such as the OCW Title is subjective mandala of reality.


Fractals such as Leon and Patolomi are flaming spaces consumed as a ego's order




Ghost: Kaos Keraunos Kybernetos, Lamipsos.



*Mayhem nods.




Ghost: Illumination in the face of thousand suns.


Mayhem: we are still to melt the throne ov burning gold and all the evil that it shelters.


We will offer more than others give.


Materialize the ashes of what once was then annihilate this eden that the flies have gathered around.




Ghost: Blasphemy gives birth to divine, thus we are incarnate.


We truly are our own redeemer. Without fear I am unhallowed be my name.


Myself am hell and hell I shall unleash, I laugh at thee to scorn.


Mock Thy majesty!!!


*Shivers would send up the spine of God if he heard this maniacal conversation.*



Mayhem: The divine is God's concern; the human, man's. My concern is neither the divine nor the human, not the true, good, just, free but solely what is mine, and it is not a general one, but is ........unique.




Ghost: We are the offspring ov the stellar race with halo fallen and crushed upon the earth wen we where birthed.



Mayhem: This may bring balance to this world, with the perdition

from sheer nothingness transgressed unto the highest self .


The utmost freedom to explore the starry nature ov my pure rage.


I pulse ov existence, the law ov nature undenied I hold the torch ov heraclitus

so I can shake the earth and move the suns.


We are the black speheres of madness, the keys to illumination.


Gnosis obtained by descending into the tunnels of selflessness and barriers of self change in our legion.




Ghost: Change our Legion?



Mayhem: Yes..... We will change our legion.





*If one could know what evil is..... You just stared into a sea of relentless, as the intentions here are purely OBSIDIOUS.*






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Qute a few glarimg errors, but with 18 views and no replies I felt something should be said.


The general feel is obvious, Ghost is nought but a disciple of the demonic leviathan, whom has once more been summoned forth to lay waste to the realm of us mere mortals.


Dark writing, I like it because I find it easy to write and comprehend.


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Also was wondering how come you havent made a dark character if that is the case


Cause he doesnt have the epic caw creating skillzz that we have ...HOOAH


Just fooling around ofcourse. But it is a big reason for guys looking how they do . Not being able to have a feel for the CAW system.

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Also was wondering how come you havent made a dark character if that is the case


Sick to death of it to be honest, it's one of the most overdone and outplayed character types within e-fedding. I've done it before, for a long time so it's at the stage where I literally cannot drag myself into the mood to write it up.


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