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Who is illuminati?


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OCW Sits down and peels back a layer to learn about the man that has made the life of one Matsuda a living nightmare.


Who is Illuminati?


Recently, OCWfed.com representative Matthew Rosenbaum Turkleton the 3rd sat down with OCW and international superstar Hideto Matsuda, who has been going through some trials as of late. With an old enemy rising from the shadows, costing him an Ex-Division title shot, and kidnapping his manager and younger sister, that past month has been Hell for Mr. Matsuda.


But who is this shadowy foe? Two weeks ago, the man who reffers to himself as Radiance was exposed by Matsuda as none other than his former LOTUS faction-mate, Illuminati, who has returned to bring out the "devil" in a Matsuda that has gone through quite a transformation over the course of the last year.


Matsuda has gone from foreign superstar to the wicked leader of the gang of thugs known as LOTUS, to dismantling his own faction, to a man of the people who lives to entertain the fans with his little sister Michiko at his side. But apparently this fact angers Illuminati, feeling as though Matsuda has become something that he is not.


But why does Illuminati care so deeply about the affairs of a man who has long since moved on? It turns out that the history between these two men go much further back than the OCW Universe may know. Think about it, who brought Illuminati into OCW in the first place? That's right. Matsuda.


The history between these two men stems back long before either of there OCW debuts, back to when both wresters were "young boys" in a Japanese promotion. Both Hideto (then Spider Matsuda) and Illuminati (then Black Spider) were aprentices under the legendary Japanese hardcore icon, Tarantula Mishima.


During there dificult training, the two young athletes developed a freindship in their commor struggle--forged in sweat and blood, and proceeded to dominate the tag team division under the watchful eye of the Tarantula. It seemed as though nothing could stop the tandem... that was until Tarantula decided that he would only continue to teach one of the students.


The friendship quickly disintegrated, and when the dust cleared from this precurser to the feud going on today, Matsuda was the one left standing, and he would go on to take on the mantle of the Tarantula, recieving fame and glory over the course of the next few years. Black Spider, whos real name is Takeshi Ishihara, was left in the dust, fading into obscurity.


That is, until Matsuda's year long run as the Champion of Champions came to an abrupt end with a serious knee injury that put him out of action for a year and a half. Matsuda would proceed to wrestle in Europe and Mexico after healing, and wouldn't step foot in a Japanese ring for two years.


During Matsuda's absense, the rise of Ishihara's star would come, and he would see incredible success under the name "Pink Spider", mocking the name of his former mentor. When Matsuda did eventually return, he returned to a far different landscape. With his arch rival main eventing the promotion and mocking his meantor, Matsuda initiated one of the most famous feuds in Japanese history which was known in the puroresu community "The Spider War".


Years later, the two would reform their relationship, but by then Matsuda had moves on to the United States to the OCW promotion. With talk of resurrecting the great tag team of yesteryear on a grander stage, Black Spider would take on the name Illuminati, where he would join Matsuda's group, LOTUS.


But why did LOTUS so suddenly fizzle out in the peak of their success? The doctrine of LOTUS LAW was developed by Illuminati and enforced by Matsuda, but as Matsuda began to showw signs of his humanity, there was a falling out amongst the ranks, and the group was taken out.


There you have it, folks, nearly thirteen years of history, which goes a long way in describing the blood feud that the OCW Universe has been witnessing over the course of the last month.


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I wonder if Illuminati would have been solely trained by Tarantula, would Matsuda be where he is today?


I also wonder if Illuminati is a pedophile, he did kidnap a 17 yr old school girl lol.

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go to http://www.itanimulli.com (illuminati spelled backwards) and then tell me how freaky that is. ;)

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go to http://www.itanimulli.com (illuminati spelled backwards) and then tell me how freaky that is. ;)


Woooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That must be driving conspiracy nuts crazy...

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