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Wrestlution Rumor: Versus coming to LA?


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OCWFED.com has obtained exclusive details that OCW Hall of Famer and fabled herb smoker Versus could potentially play some part in Wrestlution 7. It's understood that Versus has been in contact with several members of the OCW board, and could make a wrestling return at Wrestlution Seven against an unspecified opponent.


There's talk that OCW higher ups have been attempting to bring him back for some weeks - amidst claims that there isn't "enough Star Power" on current programming. Apparently there was a rumor going around Riot last week that Versus was indeed in the building, and would be the "Third man" in the triple threat Main Event at Wrestlution - although this was later scotched as Jaysin Sensation put himself in the match.


It's interesting to note that several of his public speaking engagements have been cancelled on the weekend of Wrestlution 7...


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JD lives!
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Father of Royce and Theodore J Bentley

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