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Breaking News: David Jackson's contract expires


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After a long and storied career as OCW's most revered waste of space, former Ex Division Champion David Jackson's OCW career will come to an end this coming Sunday, exactly two week's since he won the "Future Investment" match at Wrestlution Seven.


Initially, Jackson thought he'd won a shot at any title of his choosing, but after signing the "contract", he was shocked to discover that he couldn't be more wrong - he'd signed his two week's notice to OCWFED - a document that confirms the expiration of his contract two weeks from the date it was signed.


It was expected that David Jackson would have some sort of "last hurrah" on OCWFED programming but after lengthy discussion, it was decided that David Jackson wouldn't be given the opportunity to bow out in style - instead sloping back into the very obscurity he came from.


OCWFED.com contacted Our Hero, and OCW CEO Jaysin C Sensation for his thoughts on the matter:

"So I was having a BLT and I realized wait a sec, 2 weeks are up"

Pressed further, he continued:


"This has been a long time coming, David Jackson has shown that he repeatedly does not respect the rules, and regulations of this organization. Whether it was intentional and pure stupidity on his part his career saving crutch has been broken. We wish David well in his future endeavours and whole heartily hope he can actually learn something from all of this. When you are called to serve you serve, you do not go into buisness for yourself. NOONE is above OCWFED."
David Jackson was unavailable for comment.


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