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Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!


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((supposed to be on riot, but since the show is postponed, I'll post it here. Show will be up Friday or Saturday ))


After a commercial break the camera cuts backstage to Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.'s office, which is set up for what would appear to be a press conference. The camera focuses on the empty podium with the backdrop of the OCW Logo-- on the walls hung a picture of Our Hero, Jay Sensation, a picture of Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq., and a saintly picture of the Messiah himself, Djesus Djones, over looking the two other elegant portraits.


There is a subtle murmuring of the press who were invited to attend what was advertised to be a groundbreaking announcement by OCW's only graduate of Yale University. Silence falls upon the crowd as the "bitch" herself stepped into frame, positioning herself behind the podium and adjusting her blazer before she began.


Takin a deep breath, she stacks her notes, reviews them once before speaking.


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: *Good evening ladies and gentlemen. *I am Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq., Vice Executive Assistant of Thursday Night Riot and Saturday Night Asylum, and the official legal advisor of OCW and Our Hero, Mr. Jay Sensation.


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: I'm sure you are all wondering why I have called you all here today far away from the disgusting, unwashed, uneducated, British audience.


The boos of the Manchester audience can be heard even away from the main arena floor.


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: Despite the fact that I don't want to breath in the putrid stench of this Manchester audience, I do have a very important announcement regarding the future of this company.


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: For too long up until my arrival OCW has been lack ing a feminine touch, and since my arrival in this company ratings have SKY ROCKETED!


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: And the innovative attitude that has made me the most successful Vice Executive Assistant of Thursday Night Riot and Saturday Night Asylum, as well as legal advisor of OCW and Our Hero Jay Sensation, and OCW's only graduate of Yale University, I thought of a brilliant idea...


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: *OCW has a rich history of outstanding female competitors.


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: Casey Paine!


The crowd cheers for the Hall of Famer.


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: Gertrude! God rest her soul.


The crowd cheers for the old lady.


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: And of course, myself, Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.!


The crowd seems almost shocked by the mention of her own name, but proceed to boo.


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: *So I thought to myself, how do we fix the problem of having too many stupid men in this company? Bring in more women!


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: So after a little finagling of the budget, I have hired an entire roster of female wrestlers, who will be known as the OCW Bombshells!


The crowd surprisingly cheers.


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: And the OCW Bombshells will debut on a special addition of OCW Unleashed, Ladies' Night!


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: But who will lead my legion of smart, strong, and beautiful Bombshells?


Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.: *Of course not me, for I am retired, but my newly appointed Graduate Assistant,*


An attractive light skinned woman with designer frames and a pressed woman's suit rises from her seat as Lindsay claps repeatedly. The petite professional clears her throat, and with a smug smirk addresses the audience.


Odessa Ebony: Greetings OCW, I am Odessa Ebony, I am not only Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq.'s Graduate Assistant, I'm also Valedictorian of my class at Yale University. I'm also the only wrestling student of both the late Skip Kerplowski and Will Pepperton. AND, yes there's more... the new face of the Bombshell Division!

Lindsay smiles and claps, as she remembers her ride on Space Mountain. Odessa pushes her designer frames back and returns the smile to Ms. Rothschild.


Odessa Ebony: I know what you all are thinking. Can this beautiful, intelligent black woman really wrestle? Well does the A-Team represent everything that's wrong with the black community? YES...YES...and by golly YES!


Odessa Ebony: I am the most beautiful, intelligent and physically gifted athlete in OCW, since well...since Ms. Lindsay Rothschild Esq. wrestled herself!


Lindsay claps even harder than before, dishing out nods of approval to those viewing.


Odessa Ebony: I will bring the Bombshell Division to the forefront of this company. No longer will you have to watch idiotic barbarians botch each other to a 3 count. I will bring real wrestling to you simpletons at home, and do it with some class and bravado.


Odessa Ebony: Thank You, Thank You.


OE takes a slight bow as Ms. Rothschild continues to clap and cheer her Graduate Assistant as the camera fades.

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Dem Bombshells is back!

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