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Brandon Hostile

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OCW Update


by: Jim Black


Ladies and Gentlemen moments ago OCW received word that Brandon Hostile was found earlier today by Los Angeles P.D. in an abandoned empty warehouse just east of downtown Los Angeles. Hostile was not compliant with responding policemen which lead to his arrest at 3:34am earlier this morning.


In a release police report the arresting officer stated that Hostile was found locked inside a singular enclosed room in the middle of the empty warehouse. The room had been constructed of concrete and had four bullet proof one way mirrors on each wall, a small desk and a chair. Hostile was found sitting in a corner and awoke when police arrived. However, alarmingly, Hostile responded to police saying "Via can save me." Brandon Hostile, 23, was arrested for trespassing charges and taken in for further questioning and was later released by police. The whereabouts of Brandon Hostile after police questioning is unknown.


Brandon Hostile, still under active contract with OCW disappeared after an episode of Riot several months back in which he had attacked and hospitalized Ex Division Superstar Terry Romero under instruction of previously mentioned, "Via." The attack was a violent outrage after Via had instructed Hostile to attack the next person he should see. As a pay-off for Hostile, Via would save the anger inside Hostile and bring back the hate that he once held so close.


Hostile, a man noted for his un-regulated sporadic imposed hatred to be lashed out in a ridiculously calculated manner on any superstar he felt to threaten. After he had campaigned for "Rise Of The Ex" and won the Ex Division Championship where he defeated Lotus' Matsuda and the likes of Justin Rox, Jookie Marley, David Jackson and Hazard. Brandon Hostile turned violent feeding his title reign which lasted for nearly five months proving that he was more than just a transitional champion.


With the former Ex Division Champion being found in the dark after over 3 months of absenteeism who knows what lies in store for Hostile and competition in OCW but respectively I'm sure violence will ensue.

You don't mean anything. You're insignificant and you will never know what hate is.
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