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Huge news: Ocw ambition returns


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Hot off the presses, Tiffany Ortiz Sensation made the announcement that she will be bringing back the flag ship rookie show, OCW AMBITION.


When asked why, she simply stated that:

"OCW is about supply and demand, right now there is a supply of rookies who have potential, and there is a demand for excellence. Rather then feed these kids to the wolves, we are going to cultivate them into the Superstars of tomorrow. I mean look at the pedigree at the top of the OCW Ladder, 4 of the Original Ambition Era Rookies will be in the Main Event this Sunday at The 8 Year Anniversary show, that says something. With our trainers and new talent at the helm these young stars will have all the training they need to head into Riot and beyond more than prepared to take on the future"

Signups for the next season of Ambition will be posted in the coming days.

OCW Magazine will have more info as we get it.

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