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Exclusive Interview with OCW Champion Tiberius Dupree


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With OCWFED.com's 8 Year Anniversary show less than a week away, Off The Ropes Radio sat down with OCW World Champion Tiberius Dupree who will defend his Championship in the inaugural OCW Chamber Match.


So Tiberius, this Sunday is the inaugural OCW Chamber match, and possibly the final battle between Team OCW and LOTUS - Is your priority in this match yourself, or the honor of OCW?

My #1 priority is always the prestige and honor of OCW. I know people are telling me that's not the smart choice, and that may be true, but defending the honor of OCW is the RIGHT choice. This war against LOTUS is bigger than me, the whole company is in jeopardy long as they remain a dominant faction.

With that in mind, how do you rate your chances within this match?

Well one online poll says my chances were 5% and another one said 49%. So I guess my chances are as good as everyone else inside the chamber. There's what 5 other competitors, well 6 if you count Fato as two average sized men with half a brain, making it 20% chance mathematically. I've never been a numbers kind of guy, I just know I have more heart than anyone competing against me no matter the head count.

Are you perhaps more wary of your OCW teammates, especially with Parker Stevens holding the Future Investment briefcase?

I'm pretty sure Reflecto has been holding the FI case since Summercide, I just as wary as I've always been. He already has a one on one opportunity in the bank so to speak, if OCW falls into the hands of LOTUS, then what's the Future Investment worth? It's worth as much as Matsuda's weight in yen, which is just enough to buy a bottle of Rogaine. As for Pugh and Tyro, whoever makes it to the chamber knows what's at stake and what needs to be done.

Now, back in April when you won the title, people heralded it as the emergence of the "Ambition Era", with you in the role of a modern day Nate Ortiz - how do you feel about that comparison?

Seriously? Nate Ortiz is a legend, I'm still just Tiberius Dupree, I'm no where near Nate and what he's done for OCW. But I see where people get the comparison, we both do this because we love it, and do it with honor and pride . I'm no modern day Nate Ortiz, and never will be. I can only hope to leave my own legacy, and Ambition will always be part of it.

With the 8 year anniversary show looming, and a huge gap since the last Riot, how do you feel the show is shaping up, in terms of dressing room atmosphere?

I think it's the calm before the storm, the guys in the back are well rested and excited for the 8 Year Anniversary Show. Everything is on the line come this Sunday, and I don't think anyone is getting too comfortable. Some of our recent house shows are proof, everyone is on top of their game, I assure you.

Now,earlier today, OCWFED announced the return of Ambition - the show you started on - but after an eighteen month hiatus, do you believe that Ambition is still the best way to cultivate new talent ?

The return of Ambition means great things. Without Ambition I don't think I would be OCW World Champion right now. When I say that- I mean the show itself and in the drive to succeed. It's the perfect atmosphere to cultivate new talent, just look 4 out of the 6 guys in the chamber this Sunday competed on Ambition. Ambition is definitely an awesome stepping stone to stardom.


Finally, 2012 has most definitely been the year of The Fire, but who is your early favorite to make 2013 their year?

Well there's a few guys who have that look and, sorry to say it again but Ambition. But if I had to mention some names I'd go with Paul Pugh, he's had a phenomenal season thus far despite his critics and ego. I expect him to turn it up a notch come next year. Also another guy I think may turn some heads if not already is Sean McGee, his actions at Summercide spoke volumes. But there's a lot of veterans who can still go, and some new talent on the horizon, it could be anyone's year really.


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