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Exclusive Interview with Parker Stevens


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With OCWFED.com's 8 Year Anniversary show less than a week away, Off The Ropes Radio continues it's week of build up with OCW's Hardcore Legend Parker Stevens.


Parker, with this Sunday fast approaching, and you being involved in possibly the biggest match of the year, are you more focused on Winning the OCW Title, or eradicating LOTUS?


Honestly....I'm focused on going in there and kicking some ass..everyone knows I have history with Matsuda..he scarred my beautiful face..and Tiberius Dupree needs to Respect The Badge..if somehow I end up with my hand raised at the end of it, being crowned the new OCW heavyweight worlkd champion, then so be it...will 'Team OCW' eradicate Lotus? or will Lotus burn this place to the ground? No one knows...but someone is getting an ass kicking, that's for sure.


Holding the Future Investment case sorta gives you a second bite at the cherry if you require it, so does that mean you can afford to relax in the Chamber?


Relax? No way..I'm in there with some of the most dangerous men ever to step foot in an OCW ring..I've even told the other 'Team OCW' members not to wear any aftershave, just incase Pato mistakes the smell for the scent of a freshly baked pie..nobody wants to see a 400lbs man eating someone's leg on live tv.

Do you consider the Chamber to be a bigger match for OCW than your Wrestlution 7 Showdown with Leonheart?


Hmm..that's a really good question..I think, in my opinion, the chamber is a bigger match for OCW, as the outcome will change the landscape of OCW forever..but for me personally, my match against Leon is bigger to me, as I did what no other person in this federation could do, and won't be able to do again..I wrote my name in the history books by ending his 6 year winning streak at Wrestlution.

8 Years is a long time, and you've been around for a good chunk of that. How would you say the Locker room has changed since the early days of OCW - is the atmopshere still similar?


I've been here 6 years now..and I've seen a ton of faces come and go...the staff and higher management seems to have mellowed slightly..certain members..which is a double edged sword sometimes. The locker room will always be the same...it has it's good times and bad times..if you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen


As the longest serving, consistently active member of the roster, do you share the opinion that you're the leader of this locker room?


The people don't lie...Respect the Badge....RESPECT.....THE......BADGE.


With another new season of Ambition approaching, do you think you'll be spending a lot of time mentoring new talent, or is that something you'll leave to others?

I wouldn't say I'll be spending alot of time mentoring them, but I will show my face every now and then...even if it's to hand out a few Truth Sirens here and there...but I'll be around

...and finally, 2012 has been a stellar year in OCW, but who do you see as a potential standout in 2013?


For 2013? Let's see..I think Tyro and Dimsmore have the potential to do big things..I can see either one of them becoming world champion..Paul Pugh has had a phenominal end to 2012..so I see that continuing.....there's a ton of new rookies around recently, so anyone of them could breakout and suprise us all....buy my money is on Gibbs...Gibbs is the future..you heard it here first.




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