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Adding fuel to a festering fire


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Sanity left behind fills the air in a not to shoddy arena stationed within an unnamed city. Whether or not this city being host to the famous OCW brand of entertainment and competition is a good thing, would fall within the lines of opinions provided by it's fan base and haters alike, but one thing is for certain; OCW brings it each and every time... this night would be of no exception. Being what is considered a rookie amongst the hardened veterans of the OCW, Lazarus often chose to let his actions speak for him or more often the visually appealing pair of lips and legs; Miss Lilith. Tonight was a different however as the seven foot tall physical example of chaos made his presence felt within the already tense realms of familiar names establishing their booming reputations.


He looked rush, determined to express the pangs within his mind, to get them out in the forms of words, another rarity for the nightmare. It wouldn't take him long to reach the ring and once he did was the music cut abruptly, erupting the crowd into a small pop that while indeed small, was not at all expected being that he wasn't nearly as established as the bigger names of the company. The fact was that even some rookies stood above him in rank, if you could indeed count the amount of weeks or months one resided within a specific area as means for determining rank amongst peers. The number of emotions Lazarus was capable of feeling weren't in the higher numbers, being as broken of an individual could be meant that he often limited himself to the very basic and though being surprised could be deemed within those basic feelings, it barely was within his.


Still, his reaction to the crowd's recognition of his... talent, if you could call it that, did surprise him to some degree. His eyes, those orbs filled with a milky white interior widened and beyond his usually stoic expression existed a smirk, a twisted and forced smirk but a smirk nonetheless. His face, for the first time since his debut was void of most makeup and paint and though the trio of rings that normally existed within his lower lip still remained, he was in fact baring his face for all to see, an indicator of becoming more comfortable with being before the crowd.


Lazarus would inhale deeply, acquire a mic from one of the nearby OCW event staff members and with an exhale that forced forward a groan that had the remnants of a growl within it's undertones did he speak, twitching his head in a shake that hinted towards his “mental stability “if you will.


Lazarus: You... cheer for me? You show affection, adoration for something as twisted as myself? Now there's only two reasons I can think of that would force such a... a reaction the first of course is that you all feel connected to the ever loving and equally twisted Miss Lilith, who isn't here with me tonight...


The crowd responds with an equally small but full booing session at the mention of Lazarus lacking a particular charismatically insane mouth piece.


Lazarus: It's a travesty, a truly unfortunate fact, but I... I digress. Then there's a few of you, a very select few that not unlike myself... not unlike Lilith, Grigori, or even a man I've come to admire for his taste in chaos, Tyro Kraven.


The crowd erupts again, this time threatening the very city with sound pollution as they extend a pop worthy of the current Intercontinental Champion!




Nodding, Lazarus smirks again this time laughing along with the crowd's chants, his voice, though deep and filled with the obvious taint of a past gone array, enthusiastic as he plays to the crowd, entertaining them while building up to his point. He shifts his demeanor almost immediately as he begins to move from the center of the ring, exiting the squared circle and sitting on the steps closest to the ramp leading to that same ring.


Lazarus: Who revel within the darkness that is chaos, who enjoys watching a body being punished and twisted into forms unrecognizable by anyone, let alone those qualified to care for the torn and the broken. Yeah if you're part of the crowd then we'll get along great; but within those names I just listed stands a very familiar call tag, an alias that I am very acquainted with and he's the man who attacked me on Ambition last week.


Smirking at the mention of the beat down he received minutes after debuting in Ambition, Lazarus lowers his head to his knees, similarly to a man nursing a migraine constantly assaulting his head and testing his will. A laugh that, in this particular spot should have been familiar due to his maniacal and frightening deposition, leaves him yet again as his raises his free hand and grabs at his head, pulling his skull tightly; seemingly fighting at some invisible need to snap. Shaking his head he continues to speak, addressing the fans once more.


Lazarus: Looking at me you'd think I was out here because I'm upset.... because I'm pissed off that it took you distracting me in order to come close to injuring me... but that's not the case at all! This is why we live, Grigori, this is why we exist. We fight... not only because we love to but because it's all we can do correctly. We create chaos not only because it's in our nature, but because it's what we flourish IN, Grigori. So when I look at this footage...




Lazarus: I don't get mad... I GET INSPIRED!! So right now... I silence myself, I put my words to halt because frankly I'm so excited that I can hardly contain it. Grigori, my brother in Chaos, bring your ass out here so that I can show you the true meaning of pain, face me...let us show the Lambs of Chaos true anarchy!

The calls of Lazarus force an energy into the arena that, while not at all foreign when compared to the stars of the OCW, definitely special in the context of this situation for here stood a Rookie, challenging another to a battle of will, strength and power which, despite them being relatively new names, was competition at it's best, chaotic competition. The anticipation of Grigori's response built thick as Lazarus, in a pair of jean shorts, boots and spikes galore, fixed his eyes upon the stage and as he said he would, ceased speaking. Within a minute though it would become aware that Grigori wasn't showing up and that Lazarus' invitation was going ignored. His response wasn't at all surprising as he frowned and spoke into the mic, determined to cause an explosion of tempers and bodies.


Lazarus: Hmph.. seems like the cat's got your tongue, Grigori so in case I failed to make it a point to stress how extreme this situation is let me say this, I'm not leaving these damn steps until your show yourself you coward, FACE ME!!


Exclaimed the tower of madness in a voice that was almost always little more than a calm, albeit torn, speaking tone. The crowd erupted again, edging the fiend on but changing their tone once it had been made aware that Lazarus was leaving the arena one way or another. With the boos and heckles of a crowd awaiting a fight does the manifestation of order in the form of five security guards come to pass. Dressed in black and standing no less than 6'3” do they all begin their descent down the ramp. Lazarus smirks, grinning a malicious grin as he stands and begins down the steel steps. It doesn't take him long to cross the flooring around the ring and meet the men half way up the ramp, avoiding the countless of hands and their attempts at getting high fives and “feels” off what could have possibly been a superstar and at the very least someone more known than themselves.


Lazarus: Ahhhh. So it seems I don't have much of a choice in the matter anymore but...


Lazarus smirks, raising his chin as he watches the five men begin their attempt at containing the situation. The begin to spread out, circling the loner that he is and within a moment have him completely surrounded, ushering him to leave the scene without any trouble. Craning his head from side to side like a turret does Lazarus begin to set his eyes onto each and every face, he then raises the mic to his lips and speaks.


Lazarus: I did mention chaos, didn't I?


Bursting with a speed uncanny for someone of his size does Lazarus extend his right hand, slamming the mic into the face of a security guard standing in front of him. With a thud that echos throughout the arena does the microphone bounce of the man's face, sending him to the ground almost immediately. Lazarus doesn't stop there but instead rears back with his right elbow, slamming it into the face of a man directly behind him, who then falls as well. The remaining three attack Lazarus simultaneously, grappling him about the waist in several attempts to take down a man much bigger than themselves. Defending himself, Lazarus slams his fists in the forms of well aimed haymakers to their backs and sides. He knees them and tosses them about almost effortlessly, but as he begins to clear house does the odds seemingly stack themselves against him. Five more security guards enter the fray, tackling him again, police offers and officials alike make their attempts to stop this massive rampage, which ends with Lazarus being forced face down onto the floor.


Grinning the entire time, Lazarus continues to struggle and even ass the police cuffs him with two pairs of the silver bracelets does he laugh his menacing laugh. They hoist him up in order to begin “escorting “him up the ramp and what most would assume out of the arena, but he can't stop grinning from behind a mess of black hair. Sanity left behind begins to play and Lazarus can be seen mouthing the words “ far from over, just begun. “

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Most over looked rookie in OCW.
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Holy crap batman! I thought I wrote long promos. Good job this is exactly what rooks should care more about. Developing your character, and making him stand out. Wins are a good thing, but if you're boring nobody cares how many wins you have.


So I enjoyed reading this, and keep it up.

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