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Ladies and Gentlemen...


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The following was recorded Friday Night at an OCW Live Event in Sacramento, California after C4 defeated the enhancement team of SalvationNATION.


Paul Pugh: Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Champion speaking...


The crowd boo him as he launches the title onto his shoulder with an epic amount of gusto. Both he and Mugen are wearing similar body paint to the sort seen on Riot this past week.


Pugh: Firstly...thank you for coming out tonight...


The crowd pop for him


Pugh: ...see, spending a night away from home on Valentine's Day would usually be an awful affair. I'm glad that I can come to this arena and help all of you neck beard virgins fill up your seedy little wank banks...


The crowd turn on him again


Pugh: Now shut your holes and listen to what I have to say. Dimsmore. Leon. A Team... It concerns you all.


Mugen takes a microphone himself


Mugen: A-Team. What happened on Riot, that was just a taste of what we can do. Don't think for a second that we're done with you or your titles... can I get a Holla?


Pugh: Holla?


Mugen: That's what I'm sayin!


Pugh looks confused...


Pugh: Quite. Dimsmore. You can dig all the graves you want, when you walk into The Clash, I hold all the cards. I'm the World Champion because there isn't a man, woman or child capable of taking this title off me. Do yourself a favour and stay away from The Clash, you've already got concussion - I'd hate to be in the dock for kicking you to death. I'd hate to be the one comforting old Lacy Love with a side order of ego-mayo... thats classy right Mugen?


Mugen nods as Boos ring out around the Sacramento arena


Pugh: A-team... like Mugen said. A whisker... you held on by a whisker. Next time... and there will be a next time. You will not be that lucky. See once I have an idea in my head, I don't stop until I have it in my hands. The tag team titles are the last bastion... they require conquering and we proved the other night that we're more than up for the challenge... Sacramento...


Pugh and Mugen raise their hands one last time in victory


Pugh: I hope somebody nukes this place and your children are all orphaned or deformed on the drive home. Thanks for coming out... oh and Leon. We're taking over.


Pugh and Mugen fist bump EXPLODE in the ring as "Can't Kill Us" by Glitch Mob starts up and the lights go out one last time.



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