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Past Meets Present

Nathan Gaines

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**The Camera scene pans to a moderate sized house situated around 300 yards from a Natural Lake. The snow is slowly melting away as rain continues to fall. The fog from the lake has begun to form upwards creating an eerie yet artistic sense. Out of a Victorian Door in the back of the house steps a middle aged man. He has shoulder length straight black hear, and a salt-n-pepper beard. He is of athletic build, and there is definitely the semblance of a man who was once in peak athletic shape. He is wearing a flannel button down shirt paired with faded denim blue jeans and cowboy boots. In his hand is a dark half empty Bud Light Bottle. After a few steps out onto his patio, the man stops and looks around.


He takes a swig from his beer bottle and walks over to the low lying brick wall that outlines the patio. He places a foot up on the top of the wall and takes a deep breath. Just then a cracking sounds is heard in the distance as a tree branch breaks under the weight of packed down snow.


Nathan: Sounds just like my back.


**Nathan takes another sip of beer**


Nathan {outloud to himself}: Its days like today that I miss the road and the action.


**Just then the door opens again and out comes a 7 year old boy and very attractive woman. The boy his bundled up in a winter coat and wears a hat with mittens. He has a genuinely excited look on his face as he runs towards Nathan. The woman who has a bob style bleach blond hair style, watches her young son run towards his father. She is dressed in black yoga pants and Light Blue Tanktop. She stands on the inside of the door, clearly not dressed for the warm, but still Northeastern weather.**


Jeni: Sean make sure you stay close to your father. I don't want you getting lost in that fog out there


**The boy runs up and jumps into Nathan's arms, who has placed his beer down and turned around. He picks his son up and spins back around to put him down on the ground.**


Nathan: Maybe I don't miss it as much as I thought I did.


Sean: What'd you say dad? Let's just head down to the lake. Can we skip rocks on the pond?


Nathan: Sounds like a good idea to me. I race you there!


**The father and son run off into the fog near the lake as the camera begins to pan out on the New England colonial house**

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