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Road to Glory preshow part 1

Sid Harrison

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Road 2 Glory is nearly upon us and everyone on the show is getting ready for the night they have ahead. Some people however didn’t make the show, some people like Sid Harrison are not at Road 2 Glory. Now we join Sid Harrison for another adventure.


We are in the city of where ever the hell Road 2 Glory is being held. Sid Harrison is sat in a cafeteria having breakfast. Sid is having his favourite, Sunnyside eggs with sausages, bacon, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes and a pint of beer at his side.

Sid Harrison: “This is the life.”


Sid Harrison is done with his breakfast and his pint of beer. He asks for the bill.


Sid Harrison: “Hey you?”


Sid Harrison looks at the Chinese guy that is on serving.


Sid Harrison: “I want the bill.”


The Chinese guy doesn’t really understand what Sid is saying.


Sid Harrison:THE BILL!!!


Sid Harrison pulls out his wallet and points to it. The Chinese guy finally understands.


Sid Harrison: “Chinese people, you think they would learn English by now.”


The Chinese guy comes back with the bill and passes it over to Sid. Sid Harrison takes a look as the Chinese guy goes on to serve another table.


Sid Harrison: “HOW MUCH!!!”


The café goes really quiet as everyone looks at Sid Harrison.


Sid Harrison: “$15 for breakfast? It said £12 on the sign outside.”


The Chinese waiter walks back to Sid’s table, he starts trying to speak English but Sid as no idea what is saying.


Sid Harrison: “Speak English!”


The Chinese waiter goes to the front of the café and brings the sign to Sid. The sign clearly says $12 for breakfast but $15 with a pint of beer. Sid Harrison grabs the sign and tries to make out what it says. A little boy from another table shouts.


Boy: “It’s $15 with that beer.”


Sid Harrison looks over at the boy.


Sid Harrison: “SHUT UP, I CAN READ.”


The father of the boy speaks out.


Father of the boy: “He’s only trying to help.”


Sid Harrison stares over at the father before turning his attention back to the Chinese waiter.


Sid Harrison: “This sign has been changed; it did not say this as I walked in. The tips we are expected to give you are dumb and Chinese folk who don’t understand a word of English are now expecting an extra $3? You know what I think?”


Sid Harrison spits on the sign, the people in the café seem on edge.


Sid Harrison: “I think you are STINGY BASTARDS and you aren’t getting anything from me!”


Sid Harrison gets up from his chair and pushes the waiter over the table. Sid smirks just as he is about to leave.


Voice: “You disrespect my café.”


Sid turns around as the head of the Chinese chef comes out from the kitchen door with 7 other Chinese chefs.


Master Chef: “You disrespect my café, you will pay!”


Sid Harrison: “You guys should think twice about this, if you do what I think you are going to do then this could cost you your life!”


The master chef along with all the other chefs begin to laugh. Every customer in the café make their leave as shit just got real.


Sid Harrison: “My family will be here any minute ya know.”


Master Chef: “You’re family are not here now though, you will pay for your disrespect. Attack the idiot.”


All the chefs come charging at Sid, Sid Harrison grabs a fork from a nearby table, the chefs laugh.


Sid Harrison: “I have a fork and I am not afraid to use it!”


One of the chefs charges Sid but Sid puts the fork right into his face. Another charges Sid, Sid boots him in the face knocking the guy down. Another Chef goes in for an attack but Sid grabs and makes the chef going flying over the table which just happened to have a lit candle on it. The candle falls to the floor and create a fire.


Master Chef: “Quickly put it out!”


The fire spread and gets bigger, all the other chefs run for their lives while Sid Harrison and the Master Chef have a stare down.


Master Chef: “You ruined my life’s work. You will die!”


Sid Harrison: “I’m a bad man!”


Sid Harrison once again picks up a fork; the master chef also picks up a fork. Both of them begin to fight with forks but the fire becomes unstable and the exit is now blocked. The master chef and Sid Harrison become trapped and all you can see is smoke. What will happen to Sid Harrison and the Master Chef? Who will prevail? Or will they both die in a fire?


To be continued…


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Please god just stop.


And don't disrespect Sons of Anarchy by dragging it in with what ever this is supposed to be.

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