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Friends and Business


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The scene opens up at the famed Bern's Steakhouse in Tampa, FL the night before Riot in Orlando. Mugen is spotted at a table with some familiar faces like his tag team partner the Eternal EX Division Champion Matsuda, The Electric Kitty Molly, Gabe Seltzer, who just recently escaped his captivity in Nigeria and some local friends of theirs.

Molly: Seriously, is that what you guys plan to do tomorrow night? That's freaking ridiculous.


Gabe: No no no, that's just gold.


Matsuda: He get's the idea!


The friends all laugh together as another round of wine is being poured.

Gabe: Mugen, old friend what do you think of your match tomorrow.


Mugen: Honestly, I couldn't even care about it, I'm just going in to look good. Like I usually do.


Matsuda: You never look good when we are in a tag team match!


The table does a collective "OHHHHHHHH SNAP". The group of friends laugh again some more as everybody is as relaxed as ever. Mugen's phone vibrates and he looks down to see an incoming text. As he unlocks the screen a frown forms on his face.

Mugen (under his breath): Who the hell is this....


Mugen opens the text and it reads:

I don't like you. But I hate somebody more. You and I have to whoop somebody. Humbling time

Mugen looks confused for a second but it hits him quickly who texted him. A smile forms on his face as he leans back in his chair soaking in the message.

Molly: Who texted you?


Mugen: Don't worry about it, just business. Now let's get back to our food people. Gabe when you going to bring back the reviews?


The scene fades to black as Gabe starts speaking.

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