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Baxter B-day Brawl

Chris Baxter

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- Footage from Florida State Mental Hospital in Chattahoochee, Florida. Date 9-4-14 time 10:30 am-

-Scene opens as it appears to be a party of some sort there is a bunch of patients in party hats and a cake is being brought out to the table-


Staff: Happy Birthday Baxter!!


Baxter with a smile across his face: Thank you all so much for remembering.


-A new patient that arrived there yesterday is pacing back and forth throughout the halls muttering to himself and even yelling at Baxter-


Patient: You Foolish Man!.. you think the world is so pleasant and clear but you are living in this fairy tale.. you lay your head down at night and think your some superhero.. I have seen you in the faces of all i have come across.. some lost sheep that tries to be different from the herd .. a sheep that dreams of greener pastures .. a sheep that dreams of venturing away from its flock.


Nurse Quinzel: Joseph please calm down. we are trying to have a pleasant day and celebrate with one of our patients


Joseph: NO it is YOU who need to calm down; telling people lies and filling them with meds because they are "different" because their minds dont "line up" with what you call "sane" I've seen you take your so called "patients" and turn them into Puppets to do what you call is right so you can lie your heads down at night and think you have done a greater gift to the world

and helped people who "suffer" from the disorders you deem harmful.


Baxter: Hey I'm Trying to enjoy my birthday here .. Ive made a lot of progress to be here and celebrate with the friends I have made here and i dont want it to be ruined by some lunatic


Joeseph: You think I -points to himself- are the one who is lost his mind but i say i am true to it .. i say it is you who has lost his

way. the way they have castrated what you once were. you are a shell of your former self along with everyone else here.


Baxter: -Clutching his head- Shut up..

Nurse Quinzel: thats it Joeseph .. your going to the time out room .. if you dont go quietly we will have you brought there forcefully.


Joseph: As the lamb strays from its flock .. it's legs must be broken to prevent it from being eaten


-joseph starts attacking the nurse-


Baxter: You Filthy Landlubber unhand her!!


-Baxter tackles Joseph and the two begin wrestling on the ground before Baxter pins Joseph down-


Baxter: you dastardly scallywag shall not harm a hair upon this fair..


-Joseph bites Baxter who then writes in pain as Joseph flips him on his back-


-Joseph begins choking and punching Baxter while screaming at him-

Joseph: Every Hero must eventually die and you shall burn along with all of them!


-Joesph is then tackled by some of the male nurses and carried away laughing eeriely as Baxter is helped to his feet-


Baxter: -gathering his composure- what happened


Shift Nurse: We can all say your a hero mr. Baxter you saved nurse Quinzel. -looks at Baxter and sees him bleeding in various

places including several bite marks that are bleeding- we need to treat those right away.


-scene fades to black as the crew on hand are attending to Baxter-

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