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Baxter Chronicles 4

Chris Baxter

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- Footage from Florida State Mental Hospital in Chattahoochee, Florida. Date 9-12-14 Time 1:30 pm-


-Scene opens in Baxter's room as Dr Richards Can be seen walking in holding Baxters notebook-


Dr richards: Christopher .. may i call you that now


Baxter: indeed you may.


Dr Richards: I have heard about your incodent last week and i must say people are calling you a hero


Baxter: Heroes are for those that want to believe they are in need of one .. i just did what i thought was right


Dr. Richards: Indeed .. but i have come to address you on your notebook .. in the months you have been here i have asked you to journal. You are the only one writing in it yet there are multiple forms of handwriting in it


Baxter: What are you talking about?


Dr Richards: each character you have ever come up with has in some point wrote in this journal ... its actually quite amazing


Baxter: -reading his notbook- i dont remember any of this. why cant I?


Dr Richards: well thats where it is quite amazing really .. each persona is fully aware and has it's own life .. it's own handwriting .. I have seen people who have this disorder think they have different names but they all claim to be Christopher Baxter and it seem that throughout each day each one fights for control .. the fact that you are the self you are right now is proof that the program is working.. not to mention the fact that your a hero must do wonders for your esteem


Baxter: please..


Dr Richards: seriously .. though i must say that was a heck of an ordeal .. and Joseph is still in lock-down for that and he is saying that we are not safe and we are all in danger. but we are looking into that and adjusting his medication to change that.


Baxter: see to it that it works, i am still bandaged from our brawl last week.


Dr. Richards: Oh and I have some good news .. your going to be placed on Volentary. -dr Richards begins to leave- see you later hero


Baxter: Hero!? -reads through his notebook laughing to himself- all these personas fighting for control.. -Baxter slams the book shut- the hero of this book is dead and they will never gain control again .. A "Birthday" indeed


-scene fades to black-

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