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Baxter Chronicles final

Chris Baxter

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- Footage from Florida State Mental Hospital in Chattahoochee, Florida. Date 10-31-14 Time 6:00 pm-


-scene opens in the hospital as some of the patients who were on the outing earlier today are in costumes but Baxter is nowhere to be found on the floor, camera switches to his bedroom where he is eating his dinner as a the patient Joseph dressed in pirate garb enters the room-


Joseph: Ahoy matey how ye be


Baxter: -arching his eyebrow- are you mocking me


Joseph: How could you guess


Baxter: Look I am on voluntary .. i do not want any more problems


Joseph: -pulling out a metal fork he smuggled from the outing and pointing it at Baxter- this charade can fool everyone else but it can't fool me and you will pay for making me a fool


-Joseph leaps on baxter and begins stabbing him with the fork in the head laughing as he does it-


Joseph: this man shall not see the light of day


-Staff once again bursts in the room pulling Joseph off him-


-Baxter stands up and feels his forehead and looks at the pool of blood in his hand- he then punches one of the staff holding Joseph out as Joseph attacks the other which drops them as well-

-Joseph turns to Baxter to strike him but Baxter grabs the fork on the ground and stabs him in the groin with it-


-Doctor Richards and Nurse Quinzel rush in and look in horror as Baxter has Joseph on his knees begging for mercy-


Dr Richards: Christopher Stop This Now!!


-Baxter now holding Josephs head in in his hand and begins to bend his back backwards staring at the doctor and the nurse-


Baxter: He warned you about me .. hahaha!!! kiss him goodbye -Baxter then kisses josephs forehead the spins him strait into the wall-


-other staff run in and pick up joseph who is unconcious on the ground bleeding from his genitals-


Nurse Quinzel: What is wrong with you


-Baxter picks up the fork and grabs Nurse Quinzel by the hair pointing the bloody fork at her face-

Baxter: you know .. there has been something wrong with me for the longest time and it took this man -points at the bloody heap of joseph-

to set met me strait. -sniffs the nurses hair- mmm what is that pert .. i love pert ..-shaking the fork in his hand- reminds me of my mother .. she used to keep tootsie rolls in her perse .. you know doc i think i will sign myself out now


Doctor Richards: I dont think..


Baxter: Shut up!! -points the fork at him- you put me on voluntary so i can sign myself out whenever i see fit .. you said i can sign myself out -drags

Nurse Quinzel with him- whenever i want and thats what i want so i want out i want to sign out .. WHY AM I NOT SIGNING OUT!!


Doctor Richards: You Signed yourself free this morning dammit .. why didnt you leave hours ago


Baxter: -turning back to Nurse Quinzel- oh you shaking -grins- its kind of a turn on .. I heard a nasty rumor about you -laughing- it seems you

had a romantic relation with a patient years ago


Nurse Quinzel: He Was my..


Baxter: He Was nothing but a Joker -Baxter starts to pry the fork at the lips of Nurse Quinzel- so how does that losers nuts taste


-nurse quinzel doesnt open her mouth so Baxter stomps on her foot and sticks the fork in her mouth and throws her to the ground-


Baxter: -approching Doctor Richards- Me.. Out .. Now!!!


-Doctor Richards goes to the main desk and throws Baxter a bag and presses the button to open the doors-


Dr Richards: Get the fuck out of here!


-Baxter grabs the bag smiling as he walks through the front door.. as he is on the other side he pulls out a lighter as the door slowly closes.. he lights the

bag and throws it inside just before the doors close.. a huge explosion is seen behind him as hops in his boatmobile and speeds off-


Baxter: Sachel Charges ... gotta love em' -cackles-


-Scene fades to Black-

ᛨ ꖾᚣᛠᛊ ᚴᛜᏌ ᛕᚣᛢᛢ

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