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B17 Flying High Part 1


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B17 Flying High Part 1

By Scott Lawrence


Sitting behind a cluttered desk is a challenge for Jacob Caine. Known as B17, his name is more than just a name, it’s suggestive of the man he truly is. Ever in motion he seems oddly diminished sitting in a single place. As a matter of fact, he suggested this interview take place in segments. Considering how time consuming his training regiments are, I should consider myself lucky to even find Caine stationary after news of his signing with OCW. As his eyes continue to flicker to the dingy window that reveals a new batch of trainees making their way to the training ring I realize I have to move fast.


Lawrence: You’re a relative unknown in the wrestling world. You’ve only been working the indy scene for a few years, yet you’re highly regarded by many pros. How have you accomplished so much in so little time?


Caine: Well I’ve been busy. I started training when I was 15ish. And I spent some time stationed in Germany and Japan while in the Air Force.


Lawrence: So you continued training while in the military?


Caine: (RAISES EYEBROWS) Shit, as much as I could. Those guys in Japan. I mean, wow. I learned more from them in eight months then I did since I returned home.


Lawrence: Did you take any grief for your choice in extracurricular activity?


Caine: Oh, hell yeah. (SMILES AND NODS HIS HEAD) Look, my CO was a good guy and he didn’t care as long as my shit was done, but he would rib me every day. Actually I was stationed on base over Halloween a few years back and I was ordered to go in leotard pants….good times.


Lawrence: Must have pictures of that somewhere?


Caine: No, I burned that bullshit.


Lawrence: So, pilot?


Caine: Yes.


Lawrence: College graduate?


Caine: In a few months.


Lawrence: In security engineering, correct?


Caine: Yep.


Lawrence: Professional wrestler?


Caine: Working on it.


Lawrence: Why?


Caine: (THROWS BACK HEAD AND LAUGHS)[/b] Hmm, live for your country, die for yourself.


Lawrence: What does that mean?


Caine: (STANDS UP AND MOVES TO THE DOOR) How about we pick this up in about an hour? Want to roll with us?


Lawrence….Um, sure.


Part 2 coming soon.

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