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The one and only

Kassidy Hayes

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The scene opens with Kassidy walking into a conference room with Redding sitting back and to the right of the podium, Kassidy walks up the stairs and stand behind the podium, Kassidy loosens his tie and leans forward onto the podium, the camera flashes are almost blinding and the reporters are restless with the fans even more anxious in the back on the conference room trying to get a glimpse of Kassidy;



Kassidy: Thank you all for attending, I asked Redding to set this up to tell everyone that I am returning to the ring.

Reporter #1: Kassidy, What has brought you back to the wrestling business after so long?


Reporter #2: What are your goals abound returning?


Kassidy: I am returning to the ring because there is a new era of wrestling rising and I can't miss being apart of it. The game has changed since I walked away and the itch to test myself in this new landscape just needed to be scratched.


Kassidy laughs a bit and smiles,


As for the goal, that is simple, Capture gold in OCW; to tear through the roster and be the man everyone regrets stepping into the ring with. I am going to be the reaper of OCW, night in and night out I will take someone's soul with me when the match is over.

Reporter #3: Have you been sizing up any of the new competition?


Have I been watching? have I paid any mind to the competition? No, I don't need to pay any mind to any individual that competes. Their style and skills don't matter when they step into the ring with me, I'll be ready for anyone as I always have in the past and then match will end when the Nightwalker's sunset prepares them for the Turn.


Kassidy and his manager Alex Redding walk off stage amd scene fades out

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