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Tell me, who is worthy?


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Scene opens. A strong beam of white light covered in dense fog illuminates a tall, dark and mysterious figure. He begins breathing heavily.


Figure: To all of the superstars in the back your day of reckoning is at hand. Very soon you will standing before me and you have to ask yourself, will you face your own darkness from the solotude of empty locker room, or will you clench your fists and fight the demon that comes for you? Your choice.... but know this, on that day your final reckoning is that which hathst been named already, and it is known according to the purpose of HIM who worketh all things, your inheritance is DEATH and the DARKNESS of HELL! And after it is all said and done, and yor lifeless body is lying in that cold, dark ring you will know my name.... BISHOP! So will anyone step up and face their demons? Tell me, who is worthy?


Scene ends as darkness fills the room.

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Video recording delivered to Bishop. B17 is revealed sitting in front of his locker at McManus Gym where he trains.


B17: Well Looks around. Here I am from the solitude of my locker room. And while I could have just told you this face to face I can sense you have a thing for the dramatic...smiles I know hell better than your riddle of words. I know darkness better than your smoke and mirrors special effects. And from your deep breathing I certainly know cardio better than you. Stands up and walks out into the gym.


Talk about death and hell all you want but one day you will face me and the only hell you will know is the flesh and blood that stands before you. Gestures to his body with a sweeping motion of his free hand. This flesh and blood has been left splattered across the mats. I'm talking real pain not the small cuts and sprains. I'm talking breaks and bruises. Tears and and tears...so leave the parlor tricks at home and forget about the demons. The real monsters are here...training. Not working in the editing room. Screen goes black as B17 covers the lenses.

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