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B-17 Flying High part 3


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A long delay from the last interview has done nothing to help me forget the painful previous session, from which I suffered a dislocated wrist (I'm a writer, FFS). Still I had scheduled another interview with Caine, and his debut in OCW has helped my blog viewership tremendously. As expected Caine was very tired, he had just completed a five hour drive home after a Turmoil show, but his usual thoughtful answers were still present.


Lawrence: So, you made your debut with OCW. What has that been like?


Caine: It’s cliche to say, but I love it here. The guys are...unique. The fans are the best kind, they are loud and let you know what's on their mind.


Lawrence: Would you say that you've been successful so far?


Caine: Absolutely. I've been well received by fans and management, I have a lot of creative control. I get along with the guys in the back. It's a sink or swim environment, perfect for me.


Lawrence: What do you mean perfect for you?


Caine: Front door is right there, know it, respect it, don’t flirt with it. Stay committed. I'm committed. If you want to flirt with it don't be surprised if you smash your fingers. If you're gonna hover in it don't be mad when it catches you square.


Lawrence: That was poetic.


Caine: Thanks.


Lawrence: Are you a face or heel?


Caine: That's not a distinction that I concern myself with. Fans are smart they cheer for who they want to. There have been guys that have hit women with chairs, tied people up and beat them, thrown people off bridges and yet they have been cheered. It's up to them to decide if they want to cheer for me or not. Overall I think they like authenticity, if you’re “real” that's what really matters.


Lawrence: What do you have to accomplish to feel successful? Now that you've spent some time in OCW I assume you have a better idea of what it will take?


Caine: I want to be champion, I want to be distinctive. Obviously this doesn't work like the NBA or NFL, there are certain…wrinkles that have to be addressed.


Lawrence: Such as?


Caine: I don't know how to describe it outside of “overness.”


Lawrence: Was is the greatest change to your everyday life?


Caine: Sleep.


Lawrence: Have people started recognizing you in public yet?


Caine: (laughs) No, I don't spend enough time in public, plus...you know, small tv deal.


Lawrence: Does that bother you?


Caine: F*ck no. It's like working at a startup business. High reward in the end.


Jacob Caine has promised to conduct more interviews in the future, but has requested a break as he has more media obligations and, I quote, needs “more f*cking sleep.”

"Amatuer cheat hunter, Resident OCWFED historian, Lover of spreadsheets, data and HOI, MASTER OF THE GOKART"




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