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Cody Storm

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Instead of a camera crew following around one of OCW's many talents, or an article declaring the latest news in the OCW universe or the top ten finishing moves of all time, fans doing their hourly check-in on ocwfed.com are greeted with something that looks a little out of place.


The top headline simply says "Click Me!" Underneath is a playable video who's still frame picture is of a youtube channel named SuzieShortCake. When one clicks the video, they find that it's a sort of video inside a video. Their eyes follow as someone else's mouse floats up clicks on the only video link posted to the channel thus far: Suzie's 5th Birthday. The time stamp reads "12 hours ago".


The video seems to hold true to its title, ten seconds in and the scene looks like any other child's birthday party. Presents stacked by the front door of a suburban home, the foyer filled with young children running to and fro, likely playing any number of versions of 'tag'.


In the tradition of many home movies, the scene takes a sudden jump cut. Now we watch as children and parents alike huddle around a long kitchen table with a cake situated at the far end of it...


Crowd: .....Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear Suzie, happy birthday to you....!


The camera stops panning around the singing voices and focuses in on a little girl being held up and forward so that she can get close enough to blow out her candles. Once the candles have been extinguished the girl, Suzie, is pulled back and embraced by a man we can presume to be her father. The camera pans up and holding Suzie in his arms is former OCW Superstar Cody Storm with the kind of smile that only finds its way across the faces of those that are truly content.


The camera jumps again. Now we're in Storm's living room. He's situated in the middle of his couch with his wife, Cherese, sitting on his lap. Their friends and family standing and sitting around them, forming a loose circle.


???: You know Cody, I didn't want to say anything while you were still working, but I'm so glad you've since decided to cut your hair short again. That long hair was dreadful.


Cherese Lee-Storm: I kept trying to tell him, but he just wouldn't listen to me.....


Cherese trails off as Cody shoots her a look.


Cody Storm: Thanks Margie, really, much 'preciated.


A grin crosses his face as he offers Marge a small wink, letting her know there are no hard feelings.


Marge: I've been curious though Cody, why did you leave?


The response is slow, between the question and the answer that grin falls from Cody's face. A keen eye catches him lick his lips quickly, nervously, but he seems to have replaced the grin fast enough so as to avoid notice by any of the party goers.


Cody Storm: I just missed this one, is all.


Cody turns and gives his wife a peck of a kiss on the forehead. A jovial scream comes bounding around the corner and right towards the couch.


Cody Storm: AND THIS ONE!!!


Cody quickly catches Suzie and hoists her up onto her parents' laps where they torture their daughter with tickles as the video trails off.....

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