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Tank is out back smoking a cigarette on his down time the night after Turmoil. He gives off a sickening chuckle and a wince as he holds his ribs, obvious signs that the fight against B-17 last night hurt him more then he'd care to admit. As Tank sits there chuckling and smoking, a familiar face shows up, microphone in hand as he approaches the beast that is Tank.


Charlie: Excuse me, Mr. Tank? I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on what happened last night?


Tank: Oh just shut the hell up and get on with it Charlie, can't ya see I'm a busy man?


Charlie gives off a nervous chuckle then looked down to his notepad.


Charlie: Well to get things started, what do you think of B-17 now that you and him had such a match last night? I mean, the man as beaten up as he was, jumped from the top rope, and put you through a table!


Tank: Well... I gotta say, it takes a certain type to catch a beatin' and get up to take on a monster like myself. I mean at no point was I worried about losing, but congratulations kid, you almost gained my respect for a second there. For your own safety though, stay out of the ring with me 'cause next time, I'll finish it.


Charlie: And what about the two men who attacked him after the match? Care to comment?


Tank: I don't know nothin'


Tank would give a smirk, chuckling a bit to Charlie, giving him a sadistic look. Charlie shuddered in fear, only to move on with his questions.



Charlie: So what about what Jackson had to say after the match? Does it worry you at all?


Tank: Worry me? What? "I'm gonna show you how to dismantle a tank?" He said mockingly, laughing even louder as he flicked his cigarette away. Monty, Monty, Monty.... Didn't I make it clear you shouldn't get in my way? Didn't I show you last week and last night what happens to people who wanna test me? They catch a beatin'. If you want me, here I am, come find me. Or better yet, Mr. Sensation, why not give us a match at Clash? Or are you too scared that Jackson and I are gonna outshine your Divas Champion Pugh?


Charlie: Well, strong words... One final question, What do you think about Bradley telling you and B you weren't gonna be paid for your match last night?


Tank's eyes widen as he reaches beside him and takes out a tire iron. He looks it over a bit and even swings it downward hard into the pavement, sending a chunk of the concrete he was sitting on flying off.


Tank: Bradley.... Listen here you pansy... To quote one of my favorite movies "Messin' with my money is like playin' with my emotions." If you know what's good for you... You had better pay me... Or I'ma come see you. And I promise you will never work a day in your life again fairy.


And with that Tank rose to his feet and walked off to the parking lot, getting into his truck, and drives off like a bat out of hell. What was in store for Turmoil? Would Tank get his match? Is Bradley gonna take the hint? Find out next time.

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