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The Life of Pugh I


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As the exclusive scene on OCWFED.COM opens we arrive in a minimalist Tokyo doctor's office. Harsh light fills the sparse surroundings, illuminating a single examination table in the centre of the room. Two figures, one dressed in a comical hospital robe and the other in a beautiful lab coat, are having a heated conversation as we come upon them


Pugh: I don't rehab. Rehab what? It's fine DOC. FINE...


The former World Champion seems to be irate. He's thrusting his finger into the doctor's chest


Pugh: Look at it!


He throws a jab with his left hand and winces in pain. The doctor shakes his head and makes another mark on his chart


Pugh: What's that you're writing?


As the doctor offers Pugh the chart, a confused look comes across his face


Pugh: What language is this? Gimme the skinny origato - am I cleared?


The doctor puts his head down and shakes it both ways. He says something to Pugh with a sullen look on his face


Pugh: I want a new doctor! Who the hell's idea was it to try and get medically cleared by you people?


Just as Pugh begins to rant up, his phone begins to ring. He pats himself down before opening the robe to reveal a cell phone holster strapped to his bare thigh. The doctor averts his gaze as Pugh picks up the call


Pugh: C'mon Doc, you've plenty of deez... Ah Mugen, good to hear from you. Hey listen, this Doctor you recommended... I think he might be a quack... Nah I'm looking at him right now.


The doctor is looking sheepish as Pugh looks him up and down


Pugh: Not a word of the Queen's... I think he's stealing my things Mugen. I think he's stealing my... I can't hear a word you're saying. Are you in a club? ... its 9am! ... What the... Who the hell is Shaniqua? Do they even have Shaniqua's in glorious Nip... Well don't tip her then, I don't know what to tell you... Listen to me for a second... MUGEN!


Pugh's attention is stolen by the doctor marking something on the chart again


Pugh: HEY! I SAW THAT. I'll come over there and slap the yell... Mugen?! Oh for god sake... Meet me in Roppongi... High Touch Town, 20 minutes. If this animal won't clear me, looks like we're gonna have to go with Plan G... I said Plan... Oh forget it.


He puts the phone down in disgust and straps it back to his bare leg


Pugh: Don't think I'm done with you Miyagi...


He waltzes over to the Doctor and knocks the chart all over the floor. The Doctor scrambles for his things as Pugh marches straight past his hanging clothes and into the Tokyo morning, bare arsed and furious

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