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The Life of Pugh II


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A thick mist hovers along a lonely looking morning in sunny Tokyo, Japan. Well not lonely, there's still a trillion people on the streets, but lonely enough that we can see the one white man making his way through the crowds. He's tall, he has frosted hair, and is wearing a hospital robe. The din of traffic fills the air as the white man arrives at the front of the scene. He looks both ways and hears something in the distance - something curious.


Quickly scanning the area, Our Hero... I mean Pugh heads towards an alley, where the sound seems to be emanating from. Ducking out of the hustle and bustle of the street, he approaches a door where the sound of people badly singing the word's of a popular pop song can be heard.


He shoves through the door, the music becomes too much to take as Pugh puts his hands to his ears. He happens upon some beads, which he quickly moves to the side and walks through before...


??? Ebory annnnddd irorryyyy... RIVE TOGEVER IN PERFICT HARMONNNNUUUUU...


Pugh recoils in horror as the camera swings around. We're in a Roppongi karaoke club, and amidst the chaos, on the stage and in technicolor stand two titans of the Tokyo karaoke world - The Young KO Kid and Mr Bill Pine


Mugen and Pine: Ride by Ride on my pyano kreyboard, orhh Rord, why don't ree....


Pugh: MUGEN!


As the white man screams at the top of his voice, the needle immediately cuts from the backing track - the whole karaoke club turning around in stunned silence at the tallest man they've ever seen (apart from Bill Pine who's standing on the stage, but I have no idea where I'm going with this)


Mugen: Noooo... No... Pugh! You can't interu...


Mugen goes to step off the stage and is immediately stopped by a man who most certainly is not affiliated with organised crime, but is definitely carrying a gun. Pugh shrugs his shoulders and walks towards the stage. As he does this, another man gets up out of his seat and looks Pugh up and down.


Man: Excuse me white man... I can see your egg roll


Pugh looks down and adjusts his hospital robe


Pugh: Take a picture bro it'll last longer...


Immediately several camera phones snap away as Mugen shakes his head


Pugh: C'mon Mugen, we're leaving, we need to instigate


He looks into the camera


Pugh: Plan G...


More men get to their feet and stand between Pugh and Mugen. One man, head to toe in white steps forward and shakes his head.


White Japanese Man: Oh no... They go nowhere.


Pugh laughs


Pugh: You can keep Pine... but Mugen and I have a show to be at in...


He looks at his wrist for a moment before one of the bigger men grabs him by said wrist. He immediately struggles and tries to escape, but the man increases his grip strength


White Japanese Man: Ahhh... Looks like our karaoke slash kidnap party is complete!


Everybody laughs, including Bill Pine for some reason, in a non-stereotypical but definitely noticeably Japanese way as the scene fades

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